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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Five Words, Plus One Vampire”

Last week, you came up with a “Brand New Monster.” Check out the horrifying results, won’t you?

Man, if I don’t just love the “five random word” challenge.

Once again I present you with five random words chosen out of a random word generator.

The words are:






You must choose three of these and incorporate them into a flash fiction piece, 1000 words long.

Except, here’s one more element:

You need to incorporate a vampire. Somehow. Last week was about new monsters, this week is about an old standby. Maybe it’s a character. An antagonist. A reference. An allusion. Something. Anything.

Three out of five words.

And one vampire.

Post the fiction at your blog or on the web somewhere so we can see it, and then link back here. You’ve got one week, as usual: till Friday, October 21st, at noon EST.