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  • 25 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Next Novel

    I’m about to tackle a new novel (The Blue Blazes, coming in something-something 2013!), and also, I see the green flash on the horizon that indicates the coming reality storm that is “National Novel Writing Month,” so this seems like a good time for a post like this one, yeah? Do you actually need to […]

  • On Cultivating Instinct As An Inkslinging Storyspinning Penmonkey Type

    I get emails. These emails, they’re drenched in impatience and uncertainty. Sopping with it. Drippy. And I get it. These are fundamental, deep-seated, stomach-squirming and gut-churning questions of, “Am I making a mistake? Can I do this? Should I do this? How do I know? Will I ever know? Am I really a writer? Am […]

  • Ask A Writer: Building A Better Character

    As always, if you want to ask a question that may be featured in this very space, go sally forth to the: Ask page at the Terribleminds Tumblr. Today, then, a focus on character, in which I field two questions that came winging into my inbox (not a sexual reference, but you can have it […]

  • 25 Of My Personal Rules For Writing And Telling Stories

    Okay, what follows are really just mottos or sayings or made-up platitudes that I happen to live by, and for all I know I’ll only live by them for a couple weeks until I realize they comprise a fetid heap of horseshit. But, I thought I’d like to write them down just the same. Some […]

  • Readers Are The Victims Of Bad Author Behavior

    I read reviews for a toaster, my cynical mind flares up like a hot rash: “I’m sure the positive reviews are all left by employees of Big Toaster, and all the negative ones are left by proponents of some Anti-Toaster Coalition.” Casts all reviews in these areas as suspect. Which makes them beyond useless.

  • The Death Of Genre: Drifting Toward A Post-Genre Future

    *hands you a brick of C4* It’s time to blow up genre. It’s time to explosively obliterate the very idea of separating our fiction into these neat little categories — these tropes and plots, these shelves and slots. Genre of late has been a thing largely used to determine a book’s place at the point […]