The Daily Intertubes

Disclaimer: This is purely an excuse to use my “The Intertoobs” tag more than, say, once. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but if you want to know what sites I tend to read daily, and why, then feel free to peruse on. If you don’t want to know that, then… I dunno. Take a nap. Go fishing. Just stop looking at me, because it’s creepy. Now, on with the Interwebbery: CHUD: Movie news paired with a wry and often bitter sarcasm. Biggest and best thing about the site is... Read The Rest →

Spell This, Motherf**ker

First things first. Let’s just take a moment and thank the Internet for its wonderful bounty, shall we? Seriously. Bow your damn heads. Just marvel at the magicness of the Intertoobs. Sure, okay, it’s a septic mire of pornography and viruses, I grant you. But it’s also a wealth of information — useful and useless alike — just waiting to be accessed with but a few clumsy key-presses. For example? I wanted to know how to spell “shillelagh” for the attached photo I was posting to Flickr. So I said... Read The Rest →

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