Shotgun Gravy: Now Available

“Sometimes she wakes up at night, smelling that gunpowder smell. Ears ringing. A whimpering there in the darkness. Doesn’t always hit her at night, either. Might be in the middle of the day. She should be smelling pizza, or garbage, or cat shit wafting from the house next door, but instead what she smells is that acrid tang of gunsmoke. All up in her nose. Clinging there like a tick…”

The Big Five Triple-Oh

Somehow, I ended up with 5,000 Twitter followers. Frankly, if you were to ask me, I'd say that following me is a sign of dubious moral standing and, most likely, an indicator of a brain parasite. You might wanna have that checked out by a priest and/or doctor.

The Terribleminds Disclaimer

Here's the fact: some folks take me and this website far too seriously. Don't do that. It's a mistake. I'm just a a guy on the Internet squawking into the void. Nothing I say is worth getting riled up over. And so it seems high time for a disclaimer. Ready? Let's do this.

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