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  • In Which It Is Time To Invoke New Policies With A Stomp Of The Wendigo’s Hoof

    It’s time, I’m afraid, for some Terribleminds-flavored Wendig-themed policies up in here. Or, put differently, it’s time to be a dick. I hate to do it but, lately I’ve been getting… lots of emails. And the occasional tweets or Facebook message or G+ missive. I’m getting lots of folks asking me for lots of different things.

  • What Do You Want To See From Terribleminds?

    The new year looms and I start to slowly, groggily come out of my holiday coma to start prepping the terribleminds Kickstarter for the New Year. The Kickstarter, as noted, will in part go toward making this site financially viable, but it will also have a concrete goal of updating this site somewhat (a terribleminds 2.0, if you will).

  • Top 25 Terribleminds Posts Of 2011

    It’s always interesting to see which posts strike a chord and which don’t — which ones catch fire and go “viral” via sites like Stumbleupon or what-have-you. Most of these top posts of the year come from this year, which is cool. A few standbys from 2010 show up again (dang, that Beware of Writer post keeps popping up here and there), but most of these are from the last 12 months.

  • Kickstarter My Heart

    Come January, I’m going to do a terribleminds Kickstarter. What are your “best practices” when it comes to Kickstarter? What do you like to see? What don’t you like? If you’ve backed a project or, even better, had a project on Kickstarter (or any crowd-funded site), I’d love to hear from you. Care to share what you’ve learned?

  • Well, Holy Crap, It’s Time To Give Away A Kindle

    Hot dang. CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY has sold almost 900 copies since it dropped, and since starting the Penmonkey Incitement Program we’re actually up to 509 sold. Which means it’s time to give away: a) Another postcard b) Another t-shirt c) Holy shit, a Kindle.

  • 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer

    Hungry for another double-barrel buckshot of questionable writing wisdom unloaded into your brain-guts? Ohhh, I have just the thing for you, my little ink-fingered word-cobblers. Available today: 500 WAYS TO BE A BETTER WRITER. Ch-chak! BOOM.