The Weekly Wire: “I Wanted To Make That Shit Special”

Okay. It’s that time again, kiddies. Another look at HBO’s The Wire. I’m kicking the classroom door wide open. Here’s some dialogue between the two detectives, McNulty (white dude) and Bunk (black fella). They have great rapport. This dialogue is interesting — I don’t know that it needs much context. You maybe could know that McNulty is always putting himself in the political cross-hairs by trying to actually be a good cop (“good police”). What’s fascinating to me is that I don’t really know what’s going on in this scene.... Read The Rest →

The Weekly Wire: “The King Stay The King”

In case you missed it, I’m suddenly hip-deep in The Wire, and hot damn, I’m hungry for more. So, here’s the deal. I figure if hoity-toity snooty-ass Harvard can have a college course about The Wire, we can do a little something like that here at terribleminds. From time to time, I’ll post a little snippet of dialogue from the show (yes, I know, the post title says “weekly,” shaddup shuttin’ up, rabbit). Why? Because you want to learn how to write, you have to learn how to pay attention... Read The Rest →

My Life As Liz

That’s a really weird blog post title, isn’t it?  No, this is not the blog post where I finally transition into becoming a woman. (Fun Fact: had I been born a girl, I would’ve been named “Charlene.”) Rather, this is a post where I exhort you to watch… MTV. I know. I know. Just push past it. For now, just nod and smile for me, okay? I don’t need the twisted frowns, the raised eyebrows, the “jerk-off” motions performed by mocking hands. Stop sniggering. Stop it right now. I’m not... Read The Rest →

Please To Meet Death, The Thief Of Conflict

Awooga, awooga. Warning. Sirens. Red lights flashing. A naked old man gesticulating wildly. I’m going to spoil various fictional properties. I do not like spoilers, and I am not spoiling them because I drink in your misery. That said, in making my point it will be necessary to pull back the curtain on some particular pop culture properties — otherwise, I have to say something like, “And that ahem, main character dies in that one television show on ABC that we’ve all seen, wink, wink, thumbs-up,” and you’ll blink and... Read The Rest →

Anatomy of a Saturday Night Live Sketch

Step One: Introduce the Apparently Funny Concept. These may include: people with kooky catchphrases, people who wear wacky outfits, or hilarious stereotypes! Mix all three for a potent Hilarity Cocktail! Yummers! Step Two: Reiterate, but do not escalate, the joke. The arc of a good comedy sketch should be a single flat line going from Point A to Point B! Examples might include: saying the same catchphrase multiple times throughout the sketch, or, continuing to be stereotypey in the same way! Remember — if something is funny once, it’s funny... Read The Rest →

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