I Am Now Typing On An iPad

Okay. Now officially typing into — onto? — an iPad. It is, for the most part, a great deal more comfortable than I thought it would be, especially considering I do not have an external keyboard or a stand of any sort. The shift/caps key is goofy though; it does not “depress” on the first touch like I’m used to? Will take some getting used to, I suspect. Otherwise, hey, cool. Confirms for me that I could, with minimal effort, take this traveling with me instead of the Giant Clunky... Read The Rest →

Baby Want New Apps

It's been a while since I did a fresh look for new iPhone apps. But, downloading the Netflix app yesterday (which by the way works like a mofuggin' charm) reminded me that holy crap, apps are awesome. So, seems a good time to ask: What apps you using and loving these days? What apps are in regular rotation? What can you just plain not live without?

The iPad Will Not Save Your Life, Nor Will It End It

Everybody just calm down. Shhh. Breathe easy. Here, towel off with this pair of old underpants I found under my desk chair. Let it absorb all your sweat and stress and… well, whatever other fluids are seeping out of you right now. Are you calm? Are you better? Don’t relax so much you void your bowels. I don’t want that. Nobody wants that. I just want you shhh. I just want you easy like Sunday morning. Yes, they announced the new Apple Tablet. Yes, it’s called the iPad. No, it... Read The Rest →

The Apple Tablet Is The Second, Maybe Even The Third, Coming Of Christ

No, seriously. We may have skipped the Second Coming. It didn’t happen fast enough. It didn’t happen awesome enough. The Second Coming wasn’t portable — you couldn’t take it into the shitter with you — and so Steve Jobs punts us right into the Third Coming. He’s good like that. The guy is basically a resurrected deity. We all know he died from some kind of insidious pancreatic cancer, but lo, he was born again on a tide of 1s and 0s and is now here to deliver unto us... Read The Rest →

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