e-Books? More like Pee-Books! Am I Right?

Your mileage may vary on all this. I'm not speaking as an authority, and I'm very likely behind the curve on all this. But I do think we're in danger of supporting formats (Kindle, for example) that offer us very minimal control in not just how we consume the products, but how we manage those products.

I Am Now Typing On An iPad

Okay. Now officially typing into — onto? — an iPad. It is, for the most part, a great deal more comfortable than I thought it would be, especially considering I do not have an external keyboard or a stand of any sort. The shift/caps key is goofy though; it does not “depress” on the first touch like I’m used to? Will take some getting used to, I suspect. Otherwise, hey, cool. Confirms for me that I could, with minimal effort, take this traveling with me instead of the Giant Clunky... Read The Rest →

Baby Want New Apps

It's been a while since I did a fresh look for new iPhone apps. But, downloading the Netflix app yesterday (which by the way works like a mofuggin' charm) reminded me that holy crap, apps are awesome. So, seems a good time to ask: What apps you using and loving these days? What apps are in regular rotation? What can you just plain not live without?

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