Transmissions From Toddlertown: The First Year

It's been an awesome year in the truest sense of the word. Just as he's different than from when he emerged into this world, I'm different from when he emerged. IEverything has changed and it has changed for the better. As Jonathan Coulton sings, "You ruined everything -- in the nicest way."

December 22nd

Was four years ago today that my father passed away, and I wrote a little something about it in one of my e-books, Revenge of the Penmonkey. Thought I'd take a piece out of that introduction and pop it here, talk a little bit about my father's death and what that meant for me as a writer.

Your Hangovers, Described

The hangover I suffered was as such where I felt like a room full of balloons with a floor made of nails; I dared not move for fear of expiring then and there. Every ounce of my body hurt. My brain felt like a caged rat gnawing through rusty hinges in order to escape. I knew if I did anything but sit on my bed and stare at the wall I would cry out, vomit, pee myself, and explode inside my skin.

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