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  • The Real Lesson of 12/12/12

    Today is 12/12/12. You’re probably aware if you’re anywhere near social media. You may find it a curious footnote. You may find it cause for confetti and fire-ponies. You may find it signals for you some kind of… ill-translated Apocalypse. You may find it demands a cynical dismissive shaking-of-the-fist. Here’s what I’m taking away from […]

  • The Wreck Of The S.S. Censorship (Or, “How Writers Steer Their Careers Into The Rocks”)

    It’s about how one dude misread who his audience is — one assumes he thought the audience was just a bunch of high-fiving bro-heims like himself, when really, uh-oh, the audience has women in it, too. Women who matter. Women who will shank your ass in the shower for looking down on them and treating them like lessers.

  • On The Privilege Of Being A Writer

    My mother’s father was a coal miner. (Died of black lung.) My father’s father was a farmer. Sun up to sun down. My father worked 4AM to 4PM in a chemical-rich pigment factory. My mother cleaned houses. Day in, day out, back-breaking work. I am a writer. I sit in a fairly comfy office chair […]

  • On The General Weirdness Of Having “Fans”

    The article, by Damien Walter, asserts that (from the article’s title): “Fandom matters: writers must respect their followers or pay with their careers.” It’s for many authors a rough and troubling assertion — in it is the suggestion that the book (or movie or comic or whatever) is not enough (and, taken to an illogical degree, may not even matter).

  • Why SOPA And PIPA And Other Anti-Piracy Bullshit Measures Matter To Writers

    It is, I think, easy to convince writers that anti-piracy legislation is a good thing. And while I’m not stridently anti-pirate (for a number of reasons we can discuss in the comments, chief among them being “I don’t think it matters as much as people think it matters”)…

  • Bitches Don’t Know About Paula Deen’s Diabeedus

    “Hey, y’all! Sorry, I didn’t realize that deep-fried butter-stuffed meatballs with a pina-colada-pork-cracklings-crunch exterior dipped in a whiskey-chocolate Dr. Pepper dipping sauce would or could ever give someone like me the diabetes! Oops, y’all! Sorry. Please enjoy my new Paula Deen whipped-cream flavored insulin poppers!”

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