Best. Episode. Ever.

Even the best television shows have episodes that are real stinkers -- clunky junkers that don't really feel right. But, for every shitpile episode, you also get those episodes that are truly gilded -- they sit high atop a hill overlooking all of the Empire, serving as a gleaming example to what television can truly aspire.

It’s A Circus Of Pimpage!

That's right. It's time to pimp some folks. And no, I don't mean, "Peddle their fishnet booties on street corners and strut around crackin' ho's with my death's head cane," I mean, "Hey, look. Awesome shit. Let me parade it before your eyes so that you may ogle the shiny goodness." Shall we begin? Yes. Yes, we shall.

Scott Pilgrim Versus Himself

Further, it's easy to see that this is very much a film about growing up. My feelings are, each generation is successfully flimsier than the last, like a document run through the copier so many times that the original has lost all meaning. This is in many ways not a film for the generation that has come since mine: in fact, I'd say it's a volley across the bow of my generation.

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