Your First Bradbury

It was my first taste of science-fiction, for one -- okay, sure, I'd seen (and adored) Star Wars and Transformers and all the expected sci-fi of my youth. But none of it was mature, transgressive, nor did they carry the power intrinsic to the genre. They were fantasies of a sort. "The Veldt" was no such fantasy.

Fantasy Fiction At The Fringe

So, talk to me. Make some recommendations. What would I like? What fantasy is out there -- now or from the past -- that operates outside the comfort zone and does something new instead of regurgitating all the same old tropes and archetypes and hero-plot piffle?

Your Top Three Books Of The Year?

Let's assume that now that the holidays have largely come and gone, folks have received e-readers aplenty. I don't have data on this, but I'm guessing it's true -- I bet the Kindles were flying out of the Amazon warehouses. Seems like a good time to revisit the books you read this year.

The Five, By Robert McCammon

This tale of "The Five" -- Nomad, Ariel, Mike, Terry, and Berke -- takes those same trips down dark alleys, concerning itself less with a mechanical thriller-slash-horror plot and more with the nature of these characters and the power and madness of rock-n'-roll in this day and age. THE FIVE is McCammon's ULYSSES.

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