Blackbirds Giveaway

As you'll note here, Angry Robot failed to notice the curious blue powder I drizzled into their drinks and, as such, were bombed into such a stupor that they decided to re-up with me for another two books. I know, right? What's wrong with them? Whatever the case, that means that you'll see a new book from me called The Blue Blazes, and a third (!) Miriam Black book, The Cormorant.

Bing Bing Bing Bing Bang, Popcorn!

Marilyn Brigham at Amazon’s Children’s Publishing bought world rights, for six figures at auction, to Chuck Wendig’s Heartland trilogy. Agent Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency brokered the deal. The series follows a 17-year-old who discovers a secret garden full of rare vegetables in a world where the government only allows the growing of genetically modified corn.

Giving Away A Kindle (And Other Such News)

Well, hot dang. The Penmonkey Incitement began in July as an experiment to sell 1000 copies of Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey, and by gosh and by golly, it has been done. Which means it's time to play catch-up and start giving away some stuff -- including one motherfucking Kindle, son.

Bait Dog: Second Book Unlocked!

I will add here that anybody who pledged at the $25 rate and higher gets an e-book copy of each unlocked novel (in the e-book format of your choice). So, if we unlock three novels, at the $25 and up level you get three novels. The more novels unlocked, the greater value the pledge brings.

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