“Decisions, Decisions,” by C.Y. Reid

Okay. Here goes, the first weekly terribleminds guest post -- this one by C.Y. Reid, who would like to talk to you about his experiences writing a Choose Your Own Adventure Android app. Welcome him, and don't hesitate to drop down into the comments section and ask the dude some questions. Please to enjoy.

Blinking Neon: Thursday Vacancy

I am thus opening up Thursdays to others, should they choose to fill its space. I've got a couple of great guest blogs that still need to go up, so you can look for those on upcoming Thursdays. I'd love posts from other storytellers, creative types, writers, what-have-you.

How Not To Be A Dickface As A Writer

A reminder. One that Charlie Sheen dished out just by example. One that a handful of other prolific writers and wanna-be authors really should have been told. Shut up. Pay attention. Stare hard. I want these words branded in your brain: Don't be a dickface.

Be A Shark In The Waters Of Social Media

You're completely at sea when it comes to social media, the dark waters of forums, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Even though you've already accepted the principles I mention above, it's a big ocean, and you left your water-wings at home. Time to become a shark.

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