Once Upon A Playtime, Redux

I believe that games -- from the smallest "casual" game to the hardest of the purportedly "hardcore" -- are powerful and compelling to us as players because from the experience of playing games we gain narrative, and from that narrative we gain... well, all kinds of things, really. We gain perspective. We gain entertainment.

Been A While Since I Rolled Them Bones

First, I ask you: what are you playing these days? Anything really. I'm mostly asking about pen-and-paper stuff, but hey, unload your game-flavored goodness upon my head. Board games, video games, whatever. Second, I beseech you: anybody found a way to play without actually sitting across the table from folks?

Minecraft: The Collapse

I continue to dig, build, and explore. Fact is, I want to find another dungeon. The dungeon made me feel like an intrepid hero-architect, a builder of great things but also a slayer of demons, a gatherer of treasure. I find my second cavern opening not far from the first: just a quarter-day's walk.

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