Mass Effect: The Story Is The Game

See, you thought the game portion of the Mass Effect series is that part where you run around and shoot synthetics or warp Cerberus soldiers in their balls, or the part where you fly from planet to planet launching your penetrative active scans in search of... I dunno, weird alien Bibles and lost Turian fleets. WRONG.

Dinocalypse Now!

So by now, you may have heard the news: I am writing a SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY novel for Evil Hat games. The first begins with -- DINOCALYPSE NOW! All I'm saying is: Psychic dinosaurs. 1935. Get your head around that. And once you have your head around it, I've some questions to ask you...

Once Upon A Playtime, Redux

I believe that games -- from the smallest "casual" game to the hardest of the purportedly "hardcore" -- are powerful and compelling to us as players because from the experience of playing games we gain narrative, and from that narrative we gain... well, all kinds of things, really. We gain perspective. We gain entertainment.

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