Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story In Three Sentences

Last week’s challenge — “Five Titles Make A Challenge” — exists for your perusal. Oh, and a quick housekeeping note: still reading through the last Epic Game of Aspects stories to determine my favorite! Gimme time. You guys did some awesome stuff and there’s a good amount to go through. Soon! Today is easy. Er, easy to describe, difficult to do. This is another “write a story in three sentences” challenge except — Drum roll please, make it scary. (Meaning: horror.) And please, under 100 words. This one’s a little... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Titles Make A Challenge

Last week’s challenge — “The Epic Game Of Aspects Redux” — is there for your eyeballs. Here’s how this week’s challenge works. I’m going to give you five titles. You will either: a) Choose one of these titles for a new piece of flash fiction. or b) Remix the titles (adding no new words of your own) to create a new title which, well, duh, you will then use to compose a new piece of flash fiction. Get it? Got it? GOBBA GOOBA. The five titles are: “The Monkey’s Pageant.”... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Novice Revenges The Rhythm

Last week’s challenge — “The Second Game Of Aspects” — is large and in-charge. Check it. This week is pretty simple. I picked a sentence out of this random sentence generator. That sentence is: “A novice revenges the rhythm.” It’s a weird fucking sentence, but I love it. You will write a piece of flash fiction with this as a sentence contained within the story somewhere. First line, last line, in the middle — doesn’t matter where it shows up, but it better damn well be in there somewhere. You... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Second Game Of Aspects

Last week’s challenge — “A Game Of Aspects” — was so cool and so weird (and is still ongoing until noon) that I thought it was high-time to do another one. Or, at least, a similar one. Once again, we’ve got three categories. Slightly different this time: Again, Subgenre. Then: Setting! Then: Element to Include. We’ll leave theme/motif/conflict off the table for the time being, since some of these settings and included elements will have conflicts implicit. This time, there’s a different prize. Interested in attending the Crossroads Writers Conference... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Game Of Aspects

Last week’s challenge: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Open Swim. A couple days ago I said something hasty and insane about “killing genre,” and in there I hit on something I really quite liked — giving fiction aspects or elements instead of genres. So, instead of searching for “epic fantasy,” you can search for stories that have “fantasy” and “politics” together. Or “jetpacks.” Or “detective / mythology / death in the family.” Whatever. So, that’s (er, kinda) what I’m doing here, today. I’m going to give you three columns. You have to pick... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Random Word Challenge

Last week’s challenge: “A Smattering Of Settings“ I dig the random word challenges. It’s interesting to see what bizarre alchemical narrative computations take the simple lead of these words and change them not only into gold but, rather, a bevy of precious metals. And so, that’s what’s popping its head up at the hole this week. I’ve got eight words. I want you to pick four. These four must be represented in the fiction you write. The words? Cape Joke Senator Hamburger Laser Gloves Funeral Motel (If you care to... Read The Rest →

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