Flash Fiction Challenge: Game Of Aspects, Redux

Last week’s challenge: “Write What You Know“ It’s the Game of Aspects, and you know the drill. Grab a ten-sided die or click over to a random number generator. Choose three random numbers between 1-10. That corresponds to a subgenre / setting / element to include. Those are now the parameters of your story. (So, you might randomly get: superhero / Titanic / love letter, for instance.) You have — well, let’s up the numbers a bit. You have 1500 words. Due by next Friday, March 1st, at noon EST. Post at... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Three Haikus Tell One Story

Last week’s challenge: “Choose Your Motif“ The haiku. Three lines in syllables of 5 / 7 / 5. You’re going to use the haiku form to tell a story. I’ll be nice: you can have three haikus to tell that story. Hew to the 5 / 7 / 5 structure — yes, there are other permutations of the haiku form, but we’re going to go with the base level structure we all know and love from English class. This week has a prize: If you win, I’ll toss you a copy... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Motif

Last week’s challenge: “Photos of Impossible Places.” Motif. What, is it, you ask? Besides someone explaining that they have plenty of chompers in their mouth? (Wait for it, you’ll get it. I’ll just stand here while you… ah, good, you got it.) A motif is not a theme. It is not a mood. It is a recurring element. A repeated symbol or overarching image. (Birds are a motif found in my novels Blackbirds and Mockingbird.) So, today, I’m going to give you 10 motifs. You will choose one. Randomly, either by d10 or... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Spin The Wheel

First up, a little administrative work: I picked the random winner from the last challenge, “The War On Christmas.” BLUE LYNX is that winner. Blue Lynx, contact me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. Kay? Kay. With that outta the way, it’s time to BEGIN ANEW. *dun dun dun* Here’re the rules. I’m going to give you three categories. You will pick randomly from each category, maybe with a d10 or using a random number generator. From your choices, you’ll have 1000 words to write some flash fiction. Post this... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: “The War On Christmas”

First up, a bit of administrative duties — for the last flash fiction challenge I was to pick a random participant to receive an Art Harder mug or e-book? The winner on that one was Ashley Lorelle. Ashley, you should email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. Now: time for the actual flash fiction challenge. I love the concept of the “War on Christmas.” I don’t mean that I like the actual faux-bullshit “war,” I mean, I like that term. I want you to use that term literally. I want you... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Sub-Genre Mash-Up, With A Twist

Last week’s challenge — “The Body” — exists for your ocular and psychic pleasure. I love the sub-genre mash-up challenges. Which, if you’re not familiar with them, is when I hand you a list of sub-genres and you take two of those sub-genres and smoosh them together like two different colored blobs of Play-Do, and from the monstrosity you create, a story of 1000 words or less is born. Moo hoo ha ha. Ah, but this time, there’s a little twist. I’m going to give you a theme. Just one... Read The Rest →

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