Fresh Table: Update

I figure while I have a few free minutes, you deserve an update on the Fresh Table Experiment, the one where I’m trying to eat what they apparently call SOLE — sustainable, organic, local, or ethical. Ready for the update? Tuck in your bibs. Sharpen the tines of your fork. Let’s rock. I haven’t been to a grocery store in just over a month. I have been to Target, where early on I bought some Archer Farms organic milk and their coffee. This practice will end, I think. Was doing... Read The Rest →

The Pennyweight Update

A few snidbits loosely comprising an “update:” As you’ll see by the image, we had an oothica in the yard, affixed to one of the branches of our crepe myrtle. Yestermorn, that sucker hatched, vomiting a tiny tide of a hundred-plus praying mantids. I am hopeful that this is the Brood of Stinky, Stinky being the one name for about three mantids we had flitting around our yard last year. Script-work continues apace. Had a good call last week with one party, and will likely have a second call later... Read The Rest →

The House Smells of Duck Fat (And Other Updates)

Things. Stuff. News. Updates. Thoughts. Etcetera! First, Blood Drive is now available. This is an SAS (Storytelling Adventure System) PDF for Hunter: The Vigil, in-theme with Hunter: Night Stalkers. You could run it as a mortals story, if you were so inclined. The story’s a bit of a departure from the expected. In it, you attempt to protect a vampire — a pain in the nuts albatross named “Dino” — from some enemies he doesn’t tell you about in an effort to carry his dead ass halfway across the country.... Read The Rest →

The Fresh Table Experiment

You go to the store. You buy a can of soup. Or a pack of Tastykakes. Or a bag of apples. Do you know what you’re eating? Really eating? No. And neither do I. First, the ingredients list can be puzzling. Look deep and you’ll find ingredients that will clean rust off metal or are used to make chemical foams and plastics. Second, the FDA cannot really verify the ingredients in every single item, it being a woefully underfunded and understaffed organization (one that doesn’t really even have a legal... Read The Rest →

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