Fresh Table Experiment, Round #2

*looks around* *drags over his soapbox* Ahem. *taps the mic* Is this thing on? I’m here all week. Try the swordfish. Don’t forget to tip your waitstaff. Today marks the start of farmers’ market season. Which means, it’s time to get a little preachy and pretentious. Hey, at least I know it. And you’re going to suffer through it. Because you love me. And because if you avert your gaze from this blog, that metal collar around your neck will start beeping faster and faster. You have 30 seconds to... Read The Rest →

The Grocery Store Is White Noise

Went to the grocery store yesterday. Last week was the final of the farmer’s markets for the year, and so to buy the things I must buy (let’s just call it, ohhh, “food so I don’t perish”), I headed on down to the local supermarket. I was instantly reminded of Don DeLillo’s White Noise: “Apples and lemons tumbled in twos and threes to the floor when someone took a fruit from certain places in the stacked array. There were six kinds of apples, there were exotic melons in several pastels.... Read The Rest →

Harvest Season: Fresh Table Update

Summer’s done. Fall’s getting its swerve on. It’s harvest season, which sounds like it could be the tagline to a cool horror-action movie. I’d emerge from the shadows of a bleak and wretched orchard, wearing a broad-brim hat and a black duster. In one hand, a double-barrel shotgun. In the other, nothing at all, for the hand would be replaced with a rusty scythe. Shing-shing! The blade will cut apples in half. The apples will bleed. A child cries! Crows fly! It’s harvest season, some raspy voice would say. Farmer’s... Read The Rest →

Get In My Belly: A Fresh Table Update

It’s been a while. Way back when, in the Epicurean Era known as “May, 2009,” I discussed starting a little something-something over the summer, an eating experiment called, dun dun dun: The Fresh Table Experiment. The goal there was, as Michael Pollan puts it, to eat products that are more “food” than “food science.” Seems like a good time to update, what with summer tapering off soon enough. How’d I do? Let’s go with a tentative “not bad.” Over the course of the last three-and-a-half months, I think I’ve been... Read The Rest →

Recipe: Savory Blueberry Sauce

I had fresh blueberries, but wasn’t sure what to do with them. I decided I wanted savory. I looked online for recipes, and I wasn’t sold on any one recipe, but saw lots of good individual components. So, I set to the time-honored tradition of “Making Shit Up.” The result? This. Savory Blueberry Sauce Ingredients: 1 carton fresh blueberries (2-3 cups) 1/2 cup red wine vinegar 1/3 cup honey (I used orange blossom, locally produced) 1/2 cup of berry jam (I used blueberry jam, also locally produced, but I think... Read The Rest →

Eat This

Okay, here you go, a quick recipe for Friday. Lately, as you may know, I’ve been committing to this whole “Fresh Table Experiment” thing — blah blah blah, eat locally, or organically, reduce intake of processed foods, frequent local farms and markets, and what-nottery. So, I wanted to make dumplings. But, I didn’t have the time to go out to the grocery store, and the grocery store is generally verboten. Generally. So this is what I cobbled together, and I’ll note right now that I cheated a little bit– I... Read The Rest →

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