Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Opening Line, Part One Of Two”

Last week’s challenge: “Antag/Protag.” This is a two-part challenge. First part of the challenge is a part we’ve done here before: opening lines. I want you to write the opening sentence to a story. That’s it. Just the opening sentence. Can be suggestive of any genre. Should be no more than 50 words (and even that’s pretty long — you’re best keeping it roughly at “tweet” length). A good opening line is punchy. It may have a question implicit — or, at least, is itself a hook that will snare... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: “Antag/Protag”

Last week’s challenge? Must Love Time Travel. This week, I talked about what it takes to write an antagonist. And so it seems like a good time to connect a flash fiction challenge to it. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to write a flash fiction story, maximum 1000-words. You will write half of it from the perspective of a protagonist. You will write half of it from the perspective of the antagonist. As always, post your stories online, and drop a link in the comments below so... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: “Must Love Time Travel”

Last week’s challenge — “The Android and the Wondering Chamber.” Yesterday I had the fortune of interviewing Misters Hornshaw and Hurwitch (who sound the purveyors of fine meats) about their funny book on time travel (So You Created A Wormhole). As such, I thought, well, let’s carry the ball forward a little bit. You have 1000 words in which to write a story where “time travel” is a prominent feature. Anything and everything else can feature — As long as it has time travel. Post at your online space, then... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Android And The Wondering Chamber

Last week’s challenge? “The Fairy Tale Upgrade.” A few weeks back I was playing with that random sentence generator used in another flash fiction challenge, and I got what was, for me, a truly fascinating story-inspiring sentence. That sentence: “The noticed android walks past a wondering chamber.” I don’t know what the fuck that means, but I like it. So, your flash fiction challenge should utilize this sentence. In fact, it should be your opening sentence. After that, you’ve got up to 1000 words to tell the story, whatever that... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade

Last Week’s challenge: “Tell A Story In Three Sentences“ Today’s challenge shall be a curious one. Take a fairy tale — any fairy tale at all you want, or a fable, or a Mother Goose story — and rewrite it in a modern context. Now, “modern” is a little open to interpretation — if you took Little Red Riding Hood and set it in the 1920s, sure. Or The Ant And The Grasshopper and set it on a space station 100 years in the future, that’s fine, too. Point is:... Read The Rest →

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