Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story In Three Sentences

Last week’s challenge — “Five Titles Make A Challenge” — exists for your perusal. Oh, and a quick housekeeping note: still reading through the last Epic Game of Aspects stories to determine my favorite! Gimme time. You guys did some awesome stuff and there’s a good amount to go through. Soon! Today is easy. Er, easy to describe, difficult to do. This is another “write a story in three sentences” challenge except — Drum roll please, make it scary. (Meaning: horror.) And please, under 100 words. This one’s a little... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Game Of Aspects

Last week’s challenge: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Open Swim. A couple days ago I said something hasty and insane about “killing genre,” and in there I hit on something I really quite liked — giving fiction aspects or elements instead of genres. So, instead of searching for “epic fantasy,” you can search for stories that have “fantasy” and “politics” together. Or “jetpacks.” Or “detective / mythology / death in the family.” Whatever. So, that’s (er, kinda) what I’m doing here, today. I’m going to give you three columns. You have to pick... Read The Rest →

Things I Learned While Writing Mockingbird

(Be advised: I’m doing another Reddit AMA all day today, so swing by and ask me, well, anything.) I’ll dispense with the self-promo bloggerel right now: HOLY CRAP MOCKINGBIRD IS OUT *jumps up and down, froths at the mouth, kicks computer monitor through the window, throws up on self* Available for in print and e-book at: Amazon (US) Amazon (UK) Barnes & Noble Indiebound Now, on with the post. The Second In A Series Is Tricksy Business Staring down the barrel of a “next in the series” is some tricky... Read The Rest →

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