Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy — Puppy? Puppy!

I think we might be getting a new dog. This is recognizably insane, I know. We have a baby on the way, and a new dog? Seriously? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. See, it might be insane, but I believe it is actually the least insane course of action. Taking suggestions and recommendations, of course. Are we crazy?

The Thousand Joys Of Having Dogs

This morning, I had to give two pills to the smaller (and demonstrably more insane) dog, the chihuahua fox terrier mix, lovingly known as a Taco Terrier. We call her Taishen or Taishan, which means something like “peaceful, immovable mountain.” Immovable, yes. Peaceful, probably not so much. Giving two pills to the teenier of the pooches is an exercise in misery and futility. One pill, fine. Two pills, the deepest stratum of Hell. I pop the first pill, everything seems fine. I wait. I administer the second pill — and... Read The Rest →

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