In Defense Of Transmedia

Some weeks back, I mentioned transmedia, blah-blah-blah, and someone asked, “Hey, something-something transmedia?” And I was all like, “Shit yes I can talk about that!” Then I probably fell asleep. Likely with a beard of vomit atop my actual beard and a squalling baby — not my own — in the other room. You’d be amazed at how often that happens to me. Damn babies. Sneaking in here at night. Drinking all my liquor. Pooping on the ceiling fan so when I turn it on — well. You see where... Read The Rest →

Time For A Nice, Light, Uncontroversial Topic… Like, Say, Mm, Religion

Catholics, from a “personal space” perspective, haven’t ever really bugged me. We have a number of Catholics in our family, as well as a handful of Baptists. All relatively pleasant people. The Catholics, though, are fairly quiet about what they are and what they do. I don’t mean to suggest that they’re hiding it; I only mean that they’re not all up in your grill about it. The Baptists? Ehh. Urrrm. Maybe not so much. When my grandmother, the legendary “Mom-Mom,” was diagnosed with mesothelioma, they gave her six months... Read The Rest →

On Charitable Giving

Cancer’s a real motherfucker. As you may know, my aunt passed away from cancer the other day. Colon cancer in particular. I wasn’t particularly close with this aunt, though my mother was, and that’s the hardest, seeing my mother deal with it. Further, notions of mortality once more trouble us all. I had a favorite aunt die of cancer (lung). My grandmother died from mesothelioma (she was supposed to live six months and lived six years instead). My father died from prostate cancer. And others in my family have had... Read The Rest →

Sell Me On: The Olympics

As it stands, the only thing I know right now about The Olympics is that the mascots are pretty goddamn adorable. I mean, c’mon. The lumbering sasquatch, Quatchi? The “sea bear” (which I assume translates to “seal”), Miga? The ambiguous animal mash-up that is the “animal spirit,” Sumi? Then you have the poor little bastard, Mukmuk the marmot, who apparently isn’t good enough to be a full-on mascot, and yet they still wanted to include him anyway, so he hangs off on the side with his lame-ass foam finger, dreaming... Read The Rest →

Story Vs. Plot, Ghost Vs. Bones: Discuss

I am ever on a quest to understand the dichotomy of plot versus story. Which is which? Which serves what purpose? Who stole my Girl Scout cookies? Was it you? Did you take my fucking cookies? I’ll stab you in the gills, Aquaman! *shakes it off* At present, this is the definition to which I’m cleaving: Your manuscript is a corpse. It may seem dead, but the reality is, it’s a crazy ecology for all kinds of things going on. Bacteria breaking down the flesh, a rise and fall of... Read The Rest →

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