Doin’ The Genre Boogie

Now that I'm in a new place and we have no intention of moving anywhere any time soon, I can start buying books again. (Don't tell my wife.) Further awesome: the "sitting room" downstairs will officially be a "reading room." So, books! I am no longer bound to reading in bed, where sleep pulls at me after ten pages.

This Is The Conversation

You and me, we’re having a conversation. We’re standing here in the digital space, jawing away about something or other. Maybe we’re talking about writing. That’s apropos, yeah? The avatars of cars whiz by. Other blogpeople — passersby in this unreal place — hurry past. Then, out of nowhere, some clown runs up, hikes his pants down, slaps his bepimpled cheeks, and screams: “NUH-UH!” And then he runs away. That is not a productive way of joining the conversation. You, my clowning friend, are only interrupting. You are disrupting. Your... Read The Rest →

Sometimes, America Makes You Just Want To Kick A Baby

It’s been a while since I’ve launched into a political post here at Ye Olde Terryblemyndes. It’s not because I’ve turned all yellabelly on you — it’s partly because, hey, I’ve just had my head buried under This Writer’s Life, but it’s mostly because… well, hell, I just don’t know what to say anymore. When I try to think about healthcare or jobs or any of that, I feel like I’m reaching out into a fog, and instead of pulling back reasonable answers, I pull back a rabid dingo. And... Read The Rest →

Writers: Down, But Not Out

J.C. Hutchins. I have full confidence I don’t need to tell you who he is, but in case you don’t know, I already told you way back when. Yesterday, The Hutch took to the Interwebs and wrote what was a genuinely stirring, moving piece about how his publisher, St. Martins, has declined to publish the continuation of Hutchins’ 7th Son trilogy. You can read that post right here. I recommend it. If only because it’s homework for the things I’m about to discuss. [EDIT: You can also read Eloquent Eddy... Read The Rest →

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