Ask A Writer: “How Do I Write What The Audience Wants To Read?”

At Tumblr, Pallav asks: “Every reader wants to read something different from a fiction author. How do you reach that place which intersects what you want to write and what the readers want to read?” My very short, very incomplete answer: “You don’t.” My slightly longer and still woefully incomplete answer: “You don’t, at least, not on purpose.” My much longer and probably incomprehensible answer: “Okay, fine, you can do this on purpose but really, you shouldn’t, because doing something like this on purpose means chasing trends and writing only... Read The Rest →

Ask A Writer: In Which I Exhort You To Care Less

Once again, time for another session of The Little Miss Wendig Writing-and-Storytelling Advice Column. Want to ask a question? Go to and deposit it there under a name or as an anonymous human of the Internet. If I pick your question (and you're not anonymous), I'll toss you a free writing-related e-book of your choice.

Ask A Wendigo: “Just What The Fuck Do You Do, Anyway?”

Time then for another installment of, Ask A Wendigo. Or WWCWD. Or Interrogate The Penmonkey. Or Hide The Salami. Wait, that last one might be different? Whatever. Want to ask me a question about writing or storytelling? Then here’s the link. Once again, two related questions came in around the same time: The Mechanical Doctor Anonymous asked: “Chuck, something that I’ve been wondering about is the mechanics of your writing. I generally start out with pen on paper. I do a little light revision on that paper before typing it... Read The Rest →

Ask A Wendigo: The Speed With Which One Ejaculates Prose

Looking for the requisite Tuesday "list of 25?" HA HA HA IT'S NOT HERE. You just got served! Ahem. The lists-of-25 are going on an "every other week" basis as I wind them down to completion -- that's not to say I won't do them from time to time but I'm looking to get another 10 or so for a book and then I'll pull the ripcord, at least until I have something more to say on the subject.

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