The Dinocalypse Trilogy is Evil Hat’s first move into fiction, written by Chuck Wendig, and set in the wild-and-crazy early-20th-Century pulp universe of Spirit of the Century. In it we follow the adventures of six heroes, Centurions of the Century Club (including one talking ape!), as they take on a world-spanning invasion of psychic dinosaurs from beyond time itself.

If that doesn’t hook you right there, you may be lost to us.

“A fun pulp-style romp. Wish I’d thought of it first!”
— Brian Clevinger, author of Atomic Robo

“Thrills!  Chills!  Stalwart heroes!  Mad geniuses!  A Conqueror Ape! And a whole lotta dinosaurs!  Chuck Wendig’s Dinocalypse Now takes on the Golden Age of pulps and beats it at its own game.”
— Stephen Blackmoore, author of City of the Lost

The first novel of the trilogy, Dinocalypse Now, is written and is in the process of getting edited, laid out, and turned into e-books of various formats. The next two novels, Beyond Dinocalypse and Dinocalypse Forever, need your help.

With fiction being new territory for us, we need to find an audience for it first. We think we may have one thanks to the other things we’ve done over the past six years, but we don’t know it. To rally the troops, and to get our fans and friends a good deal on the books, we’re launching a kickstarter on March 20th, not for the first novel—though that’s part of the backer rewards package—but for the whole kit’n’kaboodle, the entire trilogy.

We’re aiming to hit success right between the eyes with this push into fiction. With the support of our fans, Dinocalypse may be just the beginning for Evil Hat and its fiction line, not just for the Spirit of the Century universe, but for other worlds as well.  We’re already working on an anthology of Don’t Rest Your Head fiction, featuring authors such as Harry Connolly, C. E. Murphy, and Robin Laws, and we have our eye on other potential books and authors as well. The success of the Dinocalypse kickstarter will go a long way to helping us figure out how far to allow our ambitions to take us.

We hope to find you fighting alongside us as we  face down the perils of publishing and emerge victorious!


Dinocalypse Now (Spirit Of The Century, #1)

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