Holy Shit, Free Stories

I know. You clicked the header because, dang, that sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Free shit? Totally free shit? Except, really, that’s not what I wanted you to do. That menu bar up there? It features drop-down items. There you’ll find some free fiction from Yours Truly. Go there. Right now. It’s okay. I can wait. Don’t think I can’t see your cursor. Hey! Hey. Stop that. Stop trying to pick my nose with that thing. Who knows where that cursor has been? That is not comfortable. Not comfortable at all.

Fine. I’ll make this easy on you. You can just click on the links right here and get to the short stories.

And did I mention they’re free?

This shit is totally free.

That’s how much I love you.


A Radioactive Monkey

Beware Of Owner

Lethe And Mnemosyne

Product Placement

This Guy