Arting Hard Like An Artful Motherfucker: 25 Ways To Be A Bad-Ass Maker Who Makes Bad-Ass Stuff

Last week, here at ye olde bloggy grotto, Delilah S. Dawson came in and rocked your faces with 25 Writing Hacks From A Hack Writer. It’s an amazing (and epic) post — before the new year started, I was working on this post, below, kind of a ranty, yelly, gesticulating mess of a screed about HOW TO ART HARDER, and looking at it now, I think (hope?) it serves as a complement to Delilah’s hai-karate dose of practical writing wisdom. It will feature a lot of inappropriate metaphors and crass vulgarity, to... Read The Rest →

Cassandra Rose Clarke: 130,000 Words To One Picture

How does a book cover come about? What’s right — and what’s wrong — about a book cover? What makes it good, what makes it bad, what connects it to the story or makes it insufferably distant from the material underneath? Here, author Cassandra Rose Clarke would like to talk a little bit about book covers — and then do a cover reveal of her own. * * * Let’s talk book covers. In a prose-driven medium they are a quick flash of visual representation, something to appeal to what... Read The Rest →

Dragon Age: Inquisition — A Writer’s Perspective

[Note: some spoilers below. Mostly light. Comment section may be a spoilfest.] As you may have noticed before, I like to take the stories I have in some way consumed with my grasping psychic tendrils and then I like to rip them apart like warm bread to see what seedy, grainy bits lurk within. The purpose of this is just to think a little bit about stories, their power, their mechanics — and since story is somewhat universal across all media and formats, I’ll do this with whatever crosses my path (example? My... Read The Rest →

Why Traditionally Publish? A Response To A Comment

So, the other day I said something about how in publishing no real debate exists and hey isn’t it super-nifty that we have lots of options and all options are equal and valid in the eyes of WRITING JESUS and I dunno, I probably said something else but I tend to fade out. One such comment on that post was the following, by addadinsane: You think that’s just vanity publishing? There’s no difference between how much work you have to do in marketing whether you’re trad published or self-published. The... Read The Rest →

Reminder: In Publishing, There Is No Debate

So, I guess someone hosted a debate about blah blah blah, Is Amazon Your Friend or Is Amazon Your Enemy or something-something mumble-mumble Which Flavor Of Publishing Is Most Bestest. (I think Laura Hazard Owen said it best with: “Four brave white men decide future of publishing.” A headline that had me literally laugh out loud.) I didn’t watch the debate because I have more important things to do. Like write books. Or horse around on Twitter. Or eat my own hands to bloody stumps. I cannot and will not comment... Read The Rest →

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