What Fiction Can Do For The Writer And The Reader

The power of fiction is a slippery, elusive thing — what it provides is not scientific, and often ephemeral. But stories matter. Stories shape the world. And sometimes we don’t necessarily realize how it’s shaping the world — or how it’s shaping us as the writer and those who read what we put out there. Sometimes I get emails, though, about how a book of mine affects people, and that’s what starts us ON THIS GLORIOUS STORIFIED JOURNEY. Let us begin. [View the story “What Fiction Can Do For The... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Has Luminous Spines

It’s not the greatest photo I’ve ever taken, but really, I quite like it. Those are, of course, the spiny spines of the luna moth (Actias luna) caterpillar, spines that, should you touch them, will give you a nasty little passive sting for your intrusion. If you want to see something really freaking weird, PEEP THIS: BEHOLD THE MOUNTAIN OF FLESH ALL HAIL THE SQUIRMLORD BE CONSUMED BY ITS QUIVERING PILE OF TENDONS AND MEAT Okay, fine, it’s not a mountain of flesh, nor is it a Squirmlord – Those are... Read The Rest →

Ambien Tales

So, yesterday on Facebook I asked about Ambien, given that my doctor had prescribed literally a few pills of it as kind of an “emergency, break glass when needed” insomnia fix. Well, after reading the thread on Ambien, I think it scared my mind straight or something since I got a great night’s sleep last night. One of the side benefits of that thread was the wealth of completely bizarre stories from those who have experienced side effects from it. I mean, some of them were eye-goggling. (“I woke up with... Read The Rest →

Jason Arnopp: Certainty In The Social Media Age

Ah, dear Jason Arnopp. Satanist. Sexual healer. 30 squirrels in a human suit. And now, an author. He’s gone ahead and written a crackingly funny — and scary — book, The Last Days of Jack Sparks. It’s kind of like if you took a found footage horror movie and turned it into a book except made it as hilarious as you did horrific? It’s really quite brilliant. Anyway, Jason wanted to come by to talk about some stuff, and since he has those pictures of me, I decided to let... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Is Not A Macro But Surly Owl Doesn’t Care

This owl knows that it is Monday, and is accordingly surly about it. VERY SURLY. Also, dubious. Super dubious. (I have more macros coming soon — got a camera full of ‘em, but need to process the photos.) Anyway. So, hey, hi, how are you? Here’s what’s going on in this neck of the woods: - Our tiny human is now in kindergarten. He does not approve of this turn of events and would much rather spend his time staying at home and playing LEGO thank you very much. -... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Genre-Flip An Iconic Scene

Here’s a bit of a noodle – I want you to take a scene from, mm, let’s go with a well-known story. Ideally, it’ll be something we’ve all seen or read — so, Die Hard, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. Even better if the scene you pick is something iconic — the showdown between John McClane and Hans Gruber, the OH SHIT YOU’RE MY EVIL SPACE DADDY scene between Luke and Vader. Take that scene. And rewrite it. The trick is, rewrite it with a new genre. What genre it ends... Read The Rest →

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