Your Defense Of That Rape Scene Makes You Sound Kinda Gross

Spoilers ahead (though at this point I don’t know how you’ve avoided them). So, lots of discussion about the (latest!) rape scene in Game of Thrones, which has led to a whole lot of folks defending it. Some of this defense is even-minded and fair, whether or not I agree with it. I certainly don’t think any topic should be off the table when it comes to fiction, and if you feel that this scene in some way is important to the story or important to the characters or culturally vital in... Read The Rest →

Phoenix ComicCon Schedule, Zer0es News, And More

First up – Hey, Zeroes got a nice review from Publisher’s Weekly: (link for subscribers only) “Wendig (Blackbirds) piles on the thrills and chills in this fast-paced near-future novel about human frailty and inhuman ambition. … Wendig wields the tools of suspense and tension with skill. His large cast of characters is entertaining, the moments of horror are sharp and chilling, and the story races to a breathless conclusion.” Plus, a hella great quote by Christopher Golden: “Chuck Wendig is one of the most talented genre-fiction magicians we have and ZEROES... Read The Rest →

We Are Not Things: Mad Max Versus Game Of Thrones

(art above by Kate Leth, who is awesome) (and below, you will find some spoilers, so you are very much warned) Over here, you have Max Max: Fury Road, a film that may not have won the box office this weekend, but did a pretty Herculean effort ($45 million) for an R-rated film based on a very fringe franchise with aesthetics that go well against what anybody would think would sell actual tickets. In the other corner, one of the most popular television shows on at present: Game of Thrones. Pseudo-medieval epic... Read The Rest →

Why Endings (Particularly For TV Shows) Are So Goddamn Hard

Another finale, come and gone. This one left us with great expectation, but did it fulfill us? Did it complete its journey around the narrative sun? Did it conclude the tale of its troubled protagonist? Did it draw the character’s interior life out and connect it to the exterior? Did it show the fall from grace we were expecting? That’s right. I’m talking about Small Wonder. Where V.I.C.I. was forced to endure a reckoning as her evil android twin appears and sets the stage for an epic robo-showdown that results in the eventual... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Car Chase

It is the time of car chases. Today, Mad Max. A few weeks ago: the recent installment of the Fast & Furious series. Car chases are awesome. So, when I got an email from reader Scott Lyerly who said, “Hey, you should do a whole flash fiction challenge based around car chases,” well, dang, I thought he had the right idea. That, then, is your mission. You have 2000 words to write a piece of fiction that comprises a car chase. Doesn’t matter the genre or how you frame it — but... Read The Rest →

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