Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten More Titles (Round Two!)

Okay, so, a couple weeks ago I asked you guys to come up with three-word titles, and you did, in spectacular fashion. It fueled last week’s challenge. And, because you were prolific and I am nothing if not a tremendously lazy human being, I’m going to dip back into the well for another ten titles. Pick one or use a random number generator to choose, then write a piece of short fiction to go along with the title. One change this time around is my picks for title are not random –... Read The Rest →

Is It Time, Dear Writer, To Ditch Your Literary Agent?

It used to happen once every couple of months. Then once every month, now I’m up to about once a week. What I’m talking about is, authors emailing me to see if it’s time to leave their agents. When this happens, the writer often frames it like, “Well, how do you and your agent do things?” And I say things like: ME: She sells my books? I dunno, I write them, and then Stacia helps them navigate the BOILING CHAOS STORM that is the publishing industry? THEM: But what about emails? ME:... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Says To Hell With It, Have Some Dogs

Contrary to my desires last week, I did not get to scoot around the house looking for interesting macro photo opportunities, and instead we spent time playing in the snow that fell. Which means I have a new surplus of POOCH PHOTOS of our two dogs, Snoobug and Loa, to post. So, I’mma post them below. No, they’re not macro photos, but feel free to pretend the dogs are somehow microscopic and that I’ve just captured them up close with my magic camera. Please to enjoy, humans.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Titles From You

THE CHOICES HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. Last week I said, hey, gimme a three-word title, and a lot of you complied. I randomly chose ten, and here are those ten (in parentheses is the creator of the title). All Flags Fall (lbstribling) The Gallows Girls (travishall) Discount Skin Ticket (boydstun215) The Last American (mags) Guppy Must Die (jeanette hubbard) Omen of Seven (stella winters) Not Tonight, Honey (squeg) One Fell Swoop (kaitlyn) Not Today, Satan (momgoth) Long Way Home (alisa russell) Your job now: Choose one either freely or with a random... Read The Rest →

Lara Elena Donnelly: Five Things I Learned Writing Amberlough

Amberlough is a vintage-glam spy thriller, set in a world with all the glamor and terror of 1930s Berlin. The economy is faltering, the government is riddled with corruption, the shadow of fascism is creeping across the political landscape, and the populace is partying hard enough to ignore their precarious situation. Secret agent Cyril DePaul has betrayed his country to protect his lover, black market kingpin Aristide Makricosta, but when he gets in over his head he turns to street-smart stripper and drug dealer Cordelia Lehane for help. As the... Read The Rest →

Kameron Hurley: How to Keep Writing Through Times of Great Political Upheaval

I am never not in awe of Kameron Hurley’s writing. Whether we’re talking about her essays (ahem) or her fiction — like, say, her newest, The Stars Are Legion — I’m always eager to get my hands on the next Hurley book. Further, I’m always excited to have her here, because one day she’s going to be a literary rock motherfucking superstar, and I can say, I KNEW HER WHEN. * * * My grandmother grew up in Vichy France, under a regime propped up by and answerable to the... Read The Rest →

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