The Opposite Of “Kill Your Darlings”

I like when a topic ping-pongs its way around Twitter. Particularly in the department of writing advice — because it nearly always zips about, this way and that, carrying with it different perspectives and scrutinizations of the topic at hand. And that helps me look at my own point-of-view on these things, and helps me pull the topic out, furrow my brow, and give it a hard, gnarly squint under the magnifying glass. Current writing topic du jour: Kill your darlings. It is, as with all pieces of writing advice, good... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: To Write About Food

The loss of Anthony Bourdain is staggering to me. I’ve said elsewhere, but I feel like Bourdain was the next evolution of Hunter. S. Thompson — a vicious, rigorous truth-teller, but far less performative than Thompson. And ultimately far gentler, in all the best ways. He was authentic and earnest and I’ll miss his voice, his writing, his everything. He wasn’t just a chef, and he certainly didn’t write only about food, but I think connecting food to stories is one of the things he did, in a bigger, stranger way than... Read The Rest →

The Awkward Author Photo Contest Strikes Back

It is time, once more, for the return of the AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTO CONTEST. *drum roll* *crash of thunder* *ravens descend* We’ve done a few iterations so far, and some of my favorites and past winners are riiiight here — (You get the idea.) Way this works is easy: You take a photo of yourself. Or someone takes a photo of you. And this photo is meant to imitate a really bad, really weird, really awkward author photo. Some real authors have terrible, terrible photos on their book jackets, and your job is... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Magnifies The Moist Monster

Okay, that subject header sounds like I’m talking about one thing but I’m really talking about this thing. And before you click that link lemme just warn you — it’s a spider. I mean, not a real spider that will jump out of your screen and bite your face, but a spider photo, and it’s a spider covered in raindrops sitting on a flower. But some people are viciously arachnophobic, so I thought I’d hide it behind the jump there. The same spider created the web in the header image above.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Random Scattering Of Fresh Titles

BOOM. I’ll give you ten titles. You will either pick one of the ten or you will use a random number generator to select one, and then you will write some flash fiction paired to that title. Get it? Got it? Great. The titles are: Crying in the Wind The Dreamer’s Door Mist and Light The Hustler Absent Elves The Bridge and the Rose The Dweller The Reaper’s Rope Into The Parlor We Screamed Star Blight (All randomly generated titles, by the by.) Length: ~1500 words Due by: Friday, June 8th,... Read The Rest →

Fonda Lee: So, You Think You Know How To Write A Sequel

You cannot go wrong with Fonda Lee, as has been proven time and time again. That’s true with her books, and true with her guest posts here at terribleminds. And if you require further example, she’s back — this time, talking about how you think you know how to write a sequel, ha ha ha oh no. Ohhhh no. * * * STEP ONE: DELUSIONAL OPTIMISM Congratulations! You wrote a book and now your publisher and your readers are eagerly clamoring for the sequel. No problem, you’ve got this. You... Read The Rest →

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