The Word Doctor Is In

So, I’m hanging out my shingle, here – Need advice on writerly concerns? The writer life? The business side? Most important of all, the craft of it? Feel free to ask me, and I’ll pick some questions and over time answer them here at the blog in their own posts. (And I suppose you don’t need to keep your questions writing-focused. You wanna ask me about parenting or profanity or whiskey or whatever, hey, feel free. You want to solicit my fool-headed advice on things, I AM HAPPY TO PLY... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words Only

This week’s challenge is not one of subject, theme, or other detail — the challenge is simply one of length. Because normally? You get 1000 words. Today? You get only 100. (I think this is technically called a “drabble.” You can call it “Bobo” for all I like.) So: Go to your online space. Post 100 words (no more!) of fiction. Link back here so we can all see it. Due by next Friday, 3/27. That’s it. I double dog dare you to do it.

Harry Connolly: The Loneliest Student (Writing as a Subject of Study)

Harry Connolly’s an awesome dude — I had the pleasure of including one of his stories in an anthology I edited, Don’t Read This Book, and he’s a real talent. Harry’s out there kicking ass with a series of new novels, and so I’m happy to host him and his thoughts here. * * * I’m coming to the end of a long (long) blog tour, and I’ve spent most of it talking about how we write, how we can improve our writing, and the way to analyze stories. But... Read The Rest →

Cover Reveal: The Harvest (Heartland, Book Three)

HEY, LOOK AT THAT. It’s the brand new cover to The Harvest, the third (and final) Heartland novel. I again have won the cover lottery thanks to my publisher, and the artist, Shane Rebenschied. The book comes out July 14th. It pulls no punches and… *whistles* Well, you’ll see. Here’s the official description (which, admittedly, is a hair spoilery). Blood will water the corn… It’s been a year since the Saranyu flotilla fell from the sky, and life in the Heartland has changed. Gone are the Obligations and the Harvest Home... Read The Rest →

The Flipside Of My Writing Tirade

I Storified a bunch of tweets yesterday where I did my boot-stompy grr-arrgh finger-wagging bear-posture and growled at you for not writing and for giving into your excuses. And today I read a good response to that, which you can read here. (That response by someone called “Pipsqueak the Ferocious,” which is awesome.) I will quote the latter portion of this person’s post, though you should certainly go and read the rest of it (and spread it around the Tumblrs if you so choose), but I’ll quote one vital bit here: Chuck’s tirade... Read The Rest →

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