Welcome To The Midpoint Of Your Novel: Now What?!

We tend to think of our stories as: YEAH MAN WOOO BOOM INCITING INCIDENT AS THE TALE BEGINS. And then: YEEHAW FUCK YEAH IT’S THE END IT’S AN EVEN BIGGER BOOM AND ALSO A KABLAMMO AND THEN KSSHAOW AND FRRRBZZZT AND AHHH, NGGGGH SWEET CLIMAX. We have these two moments — dramatic beginning and epic ending — and in the middle is… What? Often, we treat it like it’s a sagging clothesline. Dipping down in the middle with the weight of all that hangs upon it — supposedly clean clothes... Read The Rest →

Before You Share It, Google It

Imagine that Person A has a sandwich. He says to me, “Damn, this sandwich is delicious. Best sandwich I have ever eaten.” He describes its ingredients in detail: a bounty of meats and cheese and rare mustards, mm-mm-mm.  Then he says, “We should all share this sandwich.” And you think, dang, that’s very nice of him. So, you take a quarter of the sandwich for yourself and then you pass the rest along. Maybe you’re hungry, so you take a bite. Or maybe you decide to wait for later and let... Read The Rest →

NaNoWriMo Midpoint — How Goes It?

We are just over the midpoint hump in NaNoWriMo — so it’s time to check in, see how you’re doing. I’ll have a post later about dealing with the midpoint of your book, but in the meantime, how has it been for you? How is the book? How and what is your process? If this is your first time doing NaNoWriMo, how do you find it? I’m unofficially participating, as I do with many months — I’m presently just over 41,000 words, though that’ll slow down because I travel this week... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Song Title Palooza

Man, I didn’t do a flash fiction challenge last week, did I? I AM DOPEY MCGEE. Anyway, this week, let’s make it easy. Go to your favorite music playing app or device, spin up a random song either of your own or from a service like Pandora. The title of the song is now also the title of your story. And you should listen to the song and take from it inspiration to tell the tale. You’ve got 1000 words. Post at your online space. Link back here in the... Read The Rest →

Thimbles Full Of News Slurry

Some quick newsy bits of note: First up, readers have written-in Star Wars: Aftermath to the Goodreads Choice Awards under the Best Sci-Fi Books of 2015 category, so thank you! That category and all the others have an overwhelmingly awesome array of books, so, y’know, go vote for some. And if you do end up voting for Aftermath, hey, thank you a whole buncha bunches. Next: Zer0es is one of Amazon’s best books of 2015 in the sci-fi and fantasy category, putting me in truly enviable company. Thanks to Amazon, and hope you... Read The Rest →

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