Flash Fiction Challenge: Spammerpunk Horror

Last week’s challenge: Picking Uncommon Apples. So, I’ve been getting some weird spam comments and emails these days. They are vaguely tinged with horror. Goofy horror. Worthless, not-scary horror. Poorly-written horror. But horror. For instance, a strong vampire theme runs through, as in this one: My name is Clavin.,am an agent of vampire,am here to introduce our new world trend to you,a world of vampire where life get easier,we have made so many persons vampires and have turned them rich,you will be assured long life and prosperity,you shall be made... Read The Rest →

Shane Burcaw: Five Things I Learned Writing Laughing At My Nightmare

With acerbic wit and a hilarious voice, Shane Burcaw’s Laughing at My Nightmare describes the challenges he faces as a twenty-one-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy. From awkward handshakes to having a girlfriend and everything in between, Shane handles his situation with humor and a “you-only-live-once” perspective on life. While he does talk about everyday issues that are relatable to teens, he also offers an eye-opening perspective on what it is like to have a life threatening disease. Last year, as my blog began to grow into the hundreds of thousands of followers, I decided to write a book.... Read The Rest →

Shut Up And Write (Or: “I Really Want To Be A Writer, But…”)

Yes. You. *waggles accusing finger* Shut up and write. No, no, I know. You just wrote me an email and in this email — like in so many other emails by so many other ‘aspiring’ writers — you informed me that you really want to be a writer, but. No, it doesn’t matter what follows after the but. Something about time. Or family. Or fear. Or lack of knowledge. Or lack of practice. Or bees. Or facebees. Or how your hands were gnawed off by winged, mutated piranha leaving you with... Read The Rest →

Things You Should Know When Writing About Guns

[NOTE: The below post is not meant to be an endorsement for or a prohibition against guns in the real world in which we all live. It is a discussion of firearms in fiction. Keep comments civil... or I'll boot you out the airlock into the silent void.] Guns, man. Guns. *flexes biceps* *biceps which turn into shotguns that blow encroaching ninjas to treacly gobbets* CH-CHAK. Ahem. If you’re a writer in a genre space — particularly crime, urban fantasy, some modes of sci-fi — you are likely to write about... Read The Rest →

Oooh, Scary, Scary: Books!

The question I pose is a pretty simple one: What is the scariest book you’ve ever read? It doesn’t need to be horror, of course, though I expect a good bit of horror to creep and skulk through. And you can talk about comic books, too, if you’re so inclined. Note: I’m not asking about your favorite scary book. I’m asking about the one that scared you, or freaked you out, or disturbed you on some fundamental level. I get more than a little freaked out by serial killer books. Exquisite... Read The Rest →

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