Jim C. Hines: Space Janitors Vs. Brain Weasels!

When Jim Hines says, “Can I write something for your blog?” you do not merely say yes, you give him the keys to the establishment and let him run the joint for as long as he likes. Behold, the result of that — as always, he’s funny and wise. Also go read Terminal Alliance. * * * To be fair, I’m pretty sure I was crazy before I started writing.* Looking back, I see swaths of my life where Depression was in full force. As a teenager in junior high... Read The Rest →

A Saucy Recipe For Nanowrimo Success!

HEY, TEAM IT’S ME, YOUR OLD PAL, CHNURK MANDOG and it’s time to — *jumps up in the air, a trail of stardust and rainbows firing from my feet and/or butt parts, freeze-frame, kapow* — do some NaNoWriMo! *winks* *bing* *doves fly* Ahem. Here’s the thing about the ol’ National Novel Writing Month: it both didn’t work for me when I tried it, and also, at the same time, kinda works for me in my actual career. What I mean is, when I tried to do NaNoWriMo way back when... Read The Rest →

Fonda Lee: Jade City, An Anti-Nanowrimo Case Study

Behold: I got to meet Fonda Lee, author of the fantastic Zeroboxer, a few weeks back, and she said she had a post for me, and it was tied into how she wrote the book and how it tied into (or did not tie into, as it were) National Novel Writing Month. So, here is that epic post, and check out Jade City when it comes out: * * * It’s November, which means that quite a few of you have just a few minutes to read this guest post... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Carves Out Your Head And Puts A Candle In It

Above, you will see two pumpkins. The first (left) is mine. The second (right) is my 6-year-old son’s pumpkin. I call the one on the left: 2017. I call the one on the right: IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Anyway, hi! Not much to add here this week, except I’m going to info-dump a bunch of horror stuff into your faceholes — right now, as I type this, we await the first domino to fall in MUELLER TIME (spoiler: turns out, it was Manafort and not Hillary Clinton, gosh, who knew), but I thought we’d... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Things Fall Apart, The Center Cannot Hold

I have Yeats on the mind, today, so we return to the flash fiction challenges (hi! back from traveling!) with you writing a story based on that central theme of Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming, meaning this gem right here: “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” You will take this core idea, this theme, this argument. You will write it into some flash fiction. Length: ~1000 words. Due by: November 3rd, noon EST (Friday). Post at your online space. Link to it in the comments. Go write.

The Scapegoat That Is Senator Jeff Flake

If you don’t know the origin of an actual scapegoat, it’s this: In ANCIENT TIMES, they’d take a goat. Not sure how they chose it. A lottery? Did the goat choose itself? Doesn’t matter. Upon the goat they would heap their sins — a metaphorical act, as sins do not necessarily create physical baggage. The goat was now a vessel for the moral stains put forth by the individuals and by the community. They would say, “Fuck you, goat. Look at all those ugly sins, you shitty, shitty goat.” Then they’d punt... Read The Rest →

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