A (Slightly) More Polite GamerGate Rejoinder

Yesterday, I said a thing about #GamerGate and dinosaurs and extinction. And, in a video last night in support of the Pixel Project’s Read For Pixels endeavor (which is about addressing and stopping violence against women, and which you can watch now), I noted how something like #GamerGate reminds me of what happens to yellowjacket wasps as autumn rolls on. As the cooler months rise to replace the heat of summer, wasps start to get fucking pissed because, as it turns out, they’re facing death. Winter is coming, just like in Westeros, and... Read The Rest →

The Cankerous Slime-Slick Shame Pit That Is #GamerGate

I imagine that when the meteors were coming, and the volcanos were sharting great globs of lava into the sky and onto the ground, and mammals were conspiring to survive the pyroclasm, the dinosaurs were probably pretty pissed off. They had been phased out by nature — they saw that the world was changing and that they couldn’t survive in it anymore. They probably started a hashtag. Like, #meteorgate or #nomoreextinction or something. Carving them on trees and rocks with saurian claw. And they probably filled these hashtags with a... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Continuing The Tale, Part Two

Last week’s challenge is quite relevant, sooooooo – Make with the clicky clicky. Now, I misled you a wee tiny bit, because last week I was all ha ha ha oh you should write the first half of a story. Except now, because I’m a jerk, I’m changing the rules. The rules are: you’re still going to continue a story from last week’s. But you’re not going to finish not. Not yet. You’re going to write the middle 500 words. So: pick a story written by someone else from last... Read The Rest →

Darrin Bradley: Five Things I Learned Writing Chimpanzee

Unemployment has ravaged the U.S. economy. One of those struggling is Benjamin Cade, an expert in cognition and abstract literature. Without income, he joins the millions defaulting on their loans—in his case, the money he borrowed to finance his degrees.  Using advances in cognitive science and chemical therapy, Ben’s debtors can reclaim their property—his education. The government calls the process “Repossession Therapy,” and it is administered by the Homeland Renewal Project.  But Ben has no intention of losing his mind without a fight, so he begins teaching in a municipal... Read The Rest →

Kameron Hurley: Surviving The Game (Writing As Business)

Well, hello, Hugo-winning author, Kameron Hurley. Why, yes, you may swing by the blog to talk about writing as a business, and slap a little sense into all of us gabbling little art-monkeys. And sure, people should totally know about your brand new epic fantasy, The Mirror Empire, which is written with such punk verve and angry earnestness that I cannot help but adore it. Everybody else: gather around. Kameron has words for you. * * * “Look man, I do what I can do to help y’all. But the game... Read The Rest →

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