Flash Fiction Challenge: To Behold The Divine

This week’s challenge: Gods and goddesses. Genre doesn’t matter, but I want you to write a story dealing with the divine. A deity! A demi-god! Whatever. Made-up or real, doesn’t matter. From the POV of the deity or from someone having to deal with said deity. Or maybe you wanna talk about a whole damn pantheon. Entirely up to you. Length: ~2000 words Due Date: 3/24/17, that Friday, noon EST. Write at your online space. Link back here. Go forth and confront the divine.

Widdle Iddle Fits of Flitting News Bits

THINGS AND STUFF AND THINGS: Only a handful of hours left in the expertly-crafted cage-match of Miriam Black versus Suri over at Unbound Worlds. Go vote! And vote for Miriam or she’ll send birds to peck out your kidneys! Props to Michael Sullivan, who wrote Miriam’s final moments with glorious bad-assery. You wanna read a killer Thunderbird review from Adventures in Poor Taste? Excerpt: As always, Miriam Black is a dark delight to read; a bizarrely perfect blend of nobility and nihilism, struggling with her own demons as hard as she... Read The Rest →

Snow Day Book Love

We are in the path of a bulldozer of a storm, apparently — it’s going to snow Yetis, as I’m told — and so I figure that leaves today as a very good day for you to come over here and drop into the comments. Your purpose? To recommend a book you’ve read recently that you liked. Tell us the name, who wrote it, and why you dug it. Feel free to throw in comics you’re digging, too, because comics are rad. DO THIS NOW FOR GOOD BOOK KARMA. For the rest... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Brings More Macro Mysteries

Once again I am accepting your guesses — what, pray tell, are depicted in the three macro photos above? Pop in your guesses, and the winner gets a prize — THE PRIZE OF BEING AWESOME. It is an intangible prize but one that you may transform into a ribbon or t-shirt or an unending vibe of good-naturedness that will buoy you through life. Your call. (Number 2 in the photos above is obviously a waterdrop. The guess is actually on what does the waterdrop sit? Hint: I took that photo indoors,... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Create Your Own Monster

Today, a challenge to you: I want you to come up with your own monster. Not a vampire, not a werewolf, not a Loch Ness serpent or a Chupacabra. Something new. Something uniquely yours. You will create this creature and give it life inside a piece of flash fiction. Name it. Think about it in context of its environment. Make it a character all its own. You can write something horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or if you wanna take it for a more literary or literal spin, do so. It’s your monster.... Read The Rest →

Should A Writer Get An English Degree, Yes Or No?

This is apparently a question, so I will attempt to address it. I have no idea what you should or should not do. Every writer tends to carve their own writer-shaped door into the industry, and then they seal it shut behind them, Cask-of-Amontillado-style. (I can make that Poe joke because I was an English major. I have a license for such literary shenanigans; if you are caught making such a pun without the proper degree, you will be hunted.) There exists no One True Way to become a writer... Read The Rest →

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