Wallpaper Contest: Time To Vote!

The wallpapers are in! You can view them right here. Now, I disqualified two out of the gate — I didn’t want to, because disqualifying things makes panda bears sad, and making panda bears sad makes me sad. But one of them had only a Ray Bradbury quote on it (and while I love Ray Bradbury, he is not the keeper of this site in ghostly form). The other one had a flowchart somewhat paraphrasingly terribleminds-related, but the material was original and my fear is that if the wallpaper ever went... Read The Rest →

Don’t Read The Comments: Comment Sections Are Our Own Fault

It’s so common a refrain at this point the whole Internet should just get it tattooed on its forehead backward so it can read the message in the mirror every time it brushes its teeth: DON’T READ THE COMMENTS. “Hey, here’s a great article about female empowerment BUT DON’T READ THE COMMENTS.” “Read this news story about the Middle East peace process BUT DON’T READ THE COMMENTS.” “I found this really great blog post on raising children / using blenders / making cat videos / choosing the right soup crackers BUT... Read The Rest →

Tell Us Of Your Protagonist

It’s funny — I worked in pen and paper roleplaying games for a long time, and one of the hallmarks of that industry is people coming up to you and telling you about their characters. “I HAVE A LEVEL 14 SPACE JANITOR WITH THE SPECIAL FEAT: DEADLY JAZZ HANDS.” And you nod and smile and say, yes, that’s nice, but you learn to fear those not uncommon moments where someone wants to fix you to a spot and unload their entire character sheet into your brain. But in fiction, people... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick An Opening Sentence And Go

Last week, over 400 (!) of you wrote opening sentences for the challenge. This week, your job is to pick one and write a story with that as your opening. Let’s say you’ve got up to 2,000 words for this one. Write the story and post it at your online space. Link back here (with a shout-out to the author of the original sentence, please!) so we can read it. Story should be done by noon EST next Friday (the 24th). Pick your sentence and get to writing.

Molly Tanzer: Five Things I Learned Writing Vermilion

Gunslinging, chain smoking, Stetson-wearing Taoist psychopomp, Elouise “Lou” Merriwether might not be a normal 19-year-old, but she’s too busy keeping San Francisco safe from ghosts, shades, and geung si to care much about that. It’s an important job, though most folks consider it downright spooky. Some have even accused Lou of being more comfortable with the dead than the living, and, well… they’re not wrong. When Lou hears that a bunch of Chinatown boys have gone missing somewhere deep in the Colorado Rockies she decides to saddle up and head... Read The Rest →

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