Writing Is Work, And It’s Art, Except When It’s Not

Recently, there had been that Twitter meme going around about your first seven jobs — I played, did my list, and I put “writer” on there because it was, is, and hopefully shall remain, a job. But it’s also not a job — for some, it’s a hobby, for others, an art form, for others still, merely an aspiration. And for many of us, it’s all of those things bound up with duct tape and shoved in the trunk of a fast-speeding car about to careen off a cliff. I had... Read The Rest →

Writing: Longevity, Patience, And Shittin’ Pants (A Storify)

So, the other day on Twitter I summoned up a tweetstorm about writing and publishing and the advice I gave to a power company worker who came here the other day to change out a meter. BEHOLD THE LURID TALE. (Original link to Storify here, if you need it.) [View the story “Longevity, Patience, And Shittin’ Pants” on Storify]

Macro Monday Looks A Little Like Snaggletooth

That is a ladybug, up close. It is not my best photo but I wanted to post it. Why, you ask? We think of ladybugs like they’re these cute little buggie-wuggies — and at a distance, they are. Toodling along, munching on aphids (this guy is in fact slurping up the last remains of an aphid — basically, licking his plate clean). But look at that face. LOOK AT THAT FACE. JESUS GOD IN HEAVEN WHAT THE HELL, LADYBUG And then I thought, you know what that ladybug looks like?... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick Three Sentences And Write

Last week I said, HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN, and then I realized I wasn’t yelling at kids on my lawn but writers on my blog and so then I was like HEY YOU WRITERS WRITE ME A SENTENCE. And a bunch of you did. Your job now is to scan the comments at that post and find three sentences you like. Use them in a single story, any genre, without any limitation except their inclusion. Be sure to provide credit to the original authors of the sentences... Read The Rest →

Melanie Meadors: Five Things I Learned Editing Hath No Fury

Last year, around this time, Joe Martin invited me to co-edit an anthology with him. It was to be a celebration of strong female characters, inspired by our desire at Ragnarok Publications to diversify our anthologies a bit more. Even when we have awesome women writing for us, so often the characters were still men. We wanted to have a spotlight on the ladies, to explore new themes, to flip some tropes on their heads, and above all, to have fun. But of course, no venture passes without a few... Read The Rest →

Defense Against The Dark Ants: Invasive Is Out Now

INVASIVE is out now! Kirkus said it best in its — *shines an apple* — starred review, “Think Thomas Harris’ Will Graham and Clarice Starling rolled into one and pitched on the knife’s edge of a scenario that makes Jurassic Park look like a carnival ride.” If you don’t mind spreading the word about it, I’d sure appreciate it. Feel free to nab it wherever books are sold: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N | iBooks Also, don’t forget to join me tomorrow, 8.17, at Doylestown Book Shop, where I’ll be signing and talking... Read The Rest →

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