Alex Segura: The Moments That Keep You Going As A Writer

Alex Segura is a good dude, but don’t tell him I said that, or he’ll get all OOH CHUCK LIKES ME about it, then he’ll want to have brunch and start a book club and ain’t nobody got time for that. He’s not only one of the architects behind the many comic properties at Archie, but he’s also a damn fine novelist. He wanted to talk a little bit about what it is that keeps you going as a writer. * * * Breaking news: writing is hard. It’s loaded... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Appears In A Snap (Wexley)

Macro shots of toys are such fun. That one is a snap of, ahem, Snap Wexley holding his blaster. Before we do anything else, let us dispense with the winners of the first official Macro Mystery contest — again, if you missed it, the answers to what the photos depicted are: 1. dead leaf 2. dirty icicle 3. dish draining / drying rack for kids 4. the lip of a Chemex 5. decrepit baseball 6. tip of whipped cream can 7. metal handle of umbrella (with rain on it) 8.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The End Of A Long Journey

That title sounds like I’m shuttering the flash fiction challenges forever, but I promise, that’s not the case — no, instead, I want you to use that idea as this week’s prompt. What I mean is this: I want you to write the end of a long journey. That can mean whatever it needs to mean in the context of your story. The story can be any genre. The tricky bit here will be — how can you get in a beginning, a middle, and an end for what is... Read The Rest →

A News Dart To The Neck

AHOY-HOY, WORD-NERDS. I got sidelined with some excess travel this week — was supposed to come home on Monday from California, but “weather” in Atlanta kept me in California until Tuesday, instead. As such, I didn’t get around to tallying the winners to the Mystery Macro Monday contest. I’ll announce those winners this Monday, but here’s what the photos actually were, for the record: 1. dead leaf 2. dirty icicle 3. dish draining / drying rack for kids 4. the lip of a Chemex 5. decrepit baseball 6. tip of whipped cream can... Read The Rest →

The Great Ewok Defense of 2017

Twitter being Twitter means it’s an excellent place to rant about all sorts of things: politics and food and life and children and oh yeah also Ewoks. I found it randomly vital to leap to an impassioned, if sudden, defense of Ewoks yesterday, and I’ve gone ahead and Storified the shit out of it. Please to enjoy. Or despise it, I don’t care, it’s your life, man. [View the story “The Great Ewok Defense of 2017″ on Storify]

Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Life as a Queer Superhero

”In this thoughtful take on comic book tropes, queerness and superpowers intersect…. Everything comes together to create a real page-turning adventure in a setting that begs for further exploration.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review ”Before you know it, Sacred Band builds a new reality around you – rich, detailed, with a seductive, immersive vernacular, it crosses the globe with confident, queer themes in a world of new media, new magic, and new metahumans.” — Steve Orlando, author of Midnighter, Justice League America The golden age of heroes is decades past. The government could... Read The Rest →

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