If I Did A Novel-Writing Story-Lab, What Would It Look Like?

This started on Twitter because I was saying that the Sundance Screenwriting Lab was really very formative for me as a writer. Basically, prior to the Sundance Festival, you end up in the mountains for five days studying with mentors who help you pick apart your work in a variety of ways. It’s a very narrow focus, in what was for me the best way possible. You mostly work to dissect your own script, and you also get the benefit of hanging out with peers and professionals and share meals... Read The Rest →

February Is The Month Of Digital Book Sales, Apparently!

Well, hot dang. I have written a lot of books. And the majority of them are on sale this month in digital format. Why? BECAUSE IT IS ALMOST VALENTINE’S DAY AND I LOVE YOU. AND IT’S TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE IS IN CONTROL OF IT AND I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. *goes in for an awkward hug* *is correctly Tasered* *shakes it off* So, what books are on sale, you might ask? The first three Miriam Black books (where Miriam can solve murders before they happen because... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday: The Damselfly Dead

That is a dead damselfly (view larger here). An ebony jewelwing, to be specific. It was quite pretty, and I tried to take a number of shots of it in repose, but this one — this utterly broken, mutilated shot — is my favorite of that day’s bunch. It looks like a creature in some kind of benediction or prayer. Or perhaps in mourning. Either way: please to enjoy.

The Pros And Cons Of Pro Cons (For Writers)

SEE WHAT I DID THERE? PROS CONS OF PRO CONS. I tickle myself inappropriately. Anyway, so, last week Authorbeing Marko Kloos wrote a post about the cost of his trip to Confusion, an SFF con in Michigan. His estimation of cost: $1880, though he notes with more frugal spending that cost could’ve easily been knocked down to under a thousand bucks. Still, a thousand bucks is no small amount of cash. With that you could pay rent, make a car payment, buy a month’s worth of groceries, or finally afford a long... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Yes I Know It’s Sunday Not Friday Shut Up

(Sorry folks — was without Internet for a couple-few days. We’re back on now, though.) I’ll make this challenge easy, by which I mean, easy for me. Difficult for you. I want you to write a story in the form of social media. Meaning, I want your 1000 words to take the form of: Twitter, Facebook, a blog post, Instagram, something, anything online. Meaning, you will tell a fictional story using social media as the framing. You will post this at your blog or other online space, formatted accordingly — it’ll... Read The Rest →

Invasive: Cover Reveal!

HEY LOOK A BOOK COVER. That’s right, it’s the cover for my next thriller, INVASIVE. The synopsis: Hannah Stander is a consultant for the FBI—a futurist who helps the Agency with cases that feature demonstrations of bleeding-edge technology. It’s her job to help them identify unforeseen threats: hackers, AIs, genetic modification, anything that in the wrong hands could harm the homeland. Hannah is in an airport, waiting to board a flight home to see her family, when she receives a call from Agent Hollis Copper. “I’ve got a cabin full of... Read The Rest →

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