How To Be A Writer In This Fucked-Ass Age Of Rot And Resistance

It is fucking weird being a writer right now. Especially the writer of what is ostensibly entertainment — it feels precariously like tap-dancing on the Titanic. It’s like, tippity-tap-tappity-tip, “Ya-da-da-da-doo-dee-da-da! Hey, ignore the iceberg, look at me dancing, I’m dancing over here, it’s great, we’re not smashing into a jagged frozen nightmare, ha ha ha that’s just the power of my dance you’re feeling as the boat splits apart and, oh god I’m falling into the hoary black depths, but maybe I can tap dance on an ice floe or the head of a... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday And The Fuck Trump Tweet

Here, have a pretty macro photo. There shall be more at the bottom of the post. Fuck Donald Trump. I said that on Twitter the other day — that thread is here — and apparently, it resonated, given that it went somewhat viral. As it should, honestly. (Resonate, not go viral.) The time of being precious and polite is long past us. This is an era of dark corners, and we just keep on turning them, into deeper, blacker pockets of moral, national shadow. Our president — “president” — is... Read The Rest →

Random AMA, Ask Me Anything, Today

I’m kinda hovering around a couple different projects, so today, let’s devote it toward an AMA, aka, Ask Me Anything. Way this works is, you pop into the comments below, drop a question, and this afternoon I’ll go ahead and try to answer as many as I can. Note that jerky questions will be left unanswered, or worse, plunged into the Spam Oubliette where they will be left, screaming silently and pawing at the quivering pink walls of obscurity and oblivion. That’s it. Easy-peasy play-Parcheesi. Ask and ye shall receive answers. Probably.... Read The Rest →

Setting Free The Sacred Cows Of Writing Advice

(I was going to go with, “Slaughtering the Sacred Cows,” which would have allowed me to segue neatly into a topical INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BURGERS MADE FROM SACRED COWS joke, but obviously I decided to go a nicer way with it.) (Ahem.) I did a thing on Twitter yesterday about this, but it also feels like a thing that should go here, in my blog, if only because I’m sure one day hackers will take down Twitter, and when they do, all of my wisdom — “wisdom,” he says, using vigorous... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Is Now Zoom Lens Monday, To Hell With Your Laws

I got a new lens! Er, for my camera, not like, some kind of cyborg shit for my eyeball. Thought that would be cool? Anyway. I’m talking about the Canon 100-400mm mk II (with IS!) zoom lens. Which lets me capture shots like that one above — a chipmunk, notoriously hard to capture because they’re basically tiny woodland ninjas, now easy to capture thanks to the lens. I intend to use it for birding, mostly, because I guess I turned into an old man? (The other day I spent a... Read The Rest →

The Opposite Of “Kill Your Darlings”

I like when a topic ping-pongs its way around Twitter. Particularly in the department of writing advice — because it nearly always zips about, this way and that, carrying with it different perspectives and scrutinizations of the topic at hand. And that helps me look at my own point-of-view on these things, and helps me pull the topic out, furrow my brow, and give it a hard, gnarly squint under the magnifying glass. Current writing topic du jour: Kill your darlings. It is, as with all pieces of writing advice, good... Read The Rest →

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