Quickly! To The Newsmobile!

NEWSBITS INCOMING. *klaxons sound* 1.) You will discover that Atlanta Burns, my very trigger-warningy YA about a teenage detective-slash-vigilante, is on sale for your Kindlemachine today at $1.99. 2.) You may further discover that the sequel to that book, Atlanta Burns: The Hunt, also happens to be a wee $1.99 for your Kindlemachine today. (Also: trigger warning.) 3.) If you ever wanted to read a Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier story written by me, drawn by Juanan Ramirez, well, click right here for a Marvel Infinite comic. 4.) HYPERION #4 IS OUT WOO... Read The Rest →

Emmie Mears: My Identity Is Political

Emmie Mears is the the author of the Ayala Storme series, the first book being Storm in a Teacup. Emmie had a post about Pride and being a political entity and also being an artist, and I’m glad to host them here.  * * * Before: I am small and squalling. They pronounce me Baby Girl. There is a binary and I am on it, like a chubby, black-haired, grey-eyed point on a finite line with two defined ends. Later I am older and headstrong. I want to be an astronaut or... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday May Contain Spiders

I warned you. This post is going to be filled with spiders. I know! I know. Some of you are arachnophobic, and the last thing I want to do is plunge you into a SPIDER FEAR SPIRAL because as a human skin stuffed with tarantulas, I’m sensitive to the fear. But, just the same — I LOVE SPIDERS. Spiders are so cool! They eat bad bugs! They form pretty webs! They hunt and wait and predate. They almost never bite (unless you’re like, poking one in the face with your finger).... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Story Seeds

Today, a bit of pick-your-own. (Or, if you prefer to randomize, go for it.) You have, mmm, let’s say 1500 words for this one. Any genre will do. Due next Friday, July 1st, noon EST. Your five story seeds: 1.) A child is born under mysterious circumstances. 2.) A dead body goes missing. 3.) A mysterious journal is found. 4.) An accident occurs that may be no accident. 5.) An impossible animal appears.

You Want Trump? This Is How You Get Trump.

[art by Hal Hefner] To my friends in the UK: I buy you a pint. I give hugs. I offer a couch to those who need to crash in a different country for a while. To my friends here in the US: I don’t pretend to entirely understand what just happened in the UK. For that, I’d point you toward Charlie Stross and Lee Harris, who both wrote on Brexit today. I do get the general sense that we are looking at a situation where bloviating dickheads used bluster and lies... Read The Rest →

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