Flash Fiction Challenge: Let Fate Choose Your Title…

Last week’s challenge: And, Action! By now, I suspect you know how this works. But, just in case? You will choose two random numbers. (Use a d20 or a random number generator.) Each between 1-20. Then, those random numbers go to the items in the columns at the end of this post. One for each. That earns you your title. You might end up with Elegant Alleyway. Or the Black-Hearted Eight. Or the Lupine Last Call. You can add “The” to the fore of the title, and make the second part plural, if... Read The Rest →

The Writer And Depression

I get great emails sometimes, emails from writers with amazing questions. (I also get emails from jerks, too, who want me to promote their books or who hate me because I once said self-publishing had a “shit volcano” quality problem, but really, the great emails stand head and shoulders above these.) Yesterday, I guess in response to my post about authorial doubt and envy, a reader wrote in and explained that she suffered from depression and that she appreciated that I suggested that depression was a whole separate beast from... Read The Rest →

There’s This Thing That Happens Sometimes…

There’s this thing that happens sometimes. You’re chugging along, doing your thing — and in this case, I mean a creative thing. Maybe you’re a writer, a painter, a cheese-maker, a Brookyln-based hipster widget artisan, a techno-fuck-shaman — then suddenly comes this moment where you catch a glimpse of another human being doing that same creative thing you do. And they’re doing it at such a level, you experience a moment of awe that punctuates the moment before you tumble into darkness. You step onto this grease-slick slope, sliding down through... Read The Rest →

Blightborn Selfies: My Vote, And Time To Pick Yours

AND THE BLIGHTBORN SELFIES ARE COMPLETE. We had 18 entries. All by lovely people. You can see all the wonderful photos right here. It is time to pick two winners. One winner, I pick. One winner, you pick. Before I announce my winner, here’s how you pick yours. Go to the photo album. Find your favorite. Each photo is numbered. And in the comments here, drop the number of your choice (one choice only, please). That’s pretty much it. I’ll give two days for voting, and will tally on Wednesday, noon... Read The Rest →

Creator-Owned Comics

My reading time at present is sliced into micrometers — book due, working on a comic, working on an outline, making meals, and of course, that tiny little person running around the house. As such, my current reading time being limited, I get a lot of mileage out of comics. (And it doesn’t hurt that I’m working on a comic, too, in the process.) Been digesting a lot of Marvel, of which I’m not very well-versed, and it’s been nice to see what runs of what characters/storylines/writers work and which ones... Read The Rest →

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