Hey, folks! Out of spoons over here, so I’m taking a vacation. A social media vacation, at least. I’m gone this week to SDCC and the next week to NECon and then having some friends visit? So, for the next week, the blog is going to sit quietly in the corner and think about what it’s done. I’ll be on Twitter and Facebook only scarcely, though I won’t be entirely absent. I will be back to the blog for the release of The Harvest, which drops next Tuesday. (Preorder here.)... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Six Random Titles

Click this link. It’ll give you six random titles. Click it only once. And choose one of those six titles as the title of this week’s flash fiction. Flash meaning: under 1000 words. Your story is due by Friday, the 10th, at noon EST. Post at your online space, link back here. Easy-peasy, poke-and-squeezy. Click, pick, and write.

John G. Hartness: Five Things I Learned Writing In The Still Of The Knight

Murders are happening outside Charlotte’s hottest nightspots. A new vampire society has set up shop in the sewers. And Jimmy Black’s about to run afoul of the Master of the City. If Jimmy weren’t already a vampire, the week ahead would be the death of him. Between murder, monsters, pesky vampire ethics, and territorial disputes, Jimmy is about to discover how far he’s willing to go to save the world and one friend’s soul. There are no easy choices, even for vampire geeks. The boys are back with all-new monsters... Read The Rest →

Katie Pierson: Five Things I Learned *After* Writing ’89 Walls

Blue-collar Seth can’t escape his small Nebraska town. Wealthy Quinn has no choice but to leave. They keep their unlikely new romance a secret: it’s too early to make plans, too late not to care. But it’s 1989. As politics suddenly get personal, Seth and Quinn find themselves fighting bare-fisted for their beliefs—and each other—in the clear light of day. * * * Timing matters. Agents clamor for it now, but realistic, historical young adult fiction was kryptonite to agents and editors from 2008-2013. The following captures my experience of... Read The Rest →

Blackbirds Is A Kindle Deal, SDCC, And More

- Blackbirds is now a Kindle deal. Not just for today, but, in fact, for the month of July. It’s $1.99 right now, in fact. If you love me, you’ll tell people. If you hate me, you will rage-stitch a sampler of my face, fling it into the nearest urinal, and micturate angrily upon it. Which is your call. Your destiny is yours, pal. As Miriam herself is wont to declare: what fate wants, fate gets. - I would also be remiss if I didn’t then go to note: if you... Read The Rest →

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