Flash Fiction Challenge: Diseased Horror

Last week: horror as spam. This week: The country’s in EBOLA PANIC, going so far as to elect an Ebola Czar. (Did you know that vending machines kill 13 people a year? I look forward to our new Vending Machine Czar to address this grave concern.) Disease of course freaks people out. And next Friday? Halloween. The time of horror! Which means it’s time for you to freak people out with disease. Write 1000 words of flash fiction. It should be horror. It should feature disease as an axis of that horror.... Read The Rest →

To Canada, I Go

Updates will be a little thin on the ground here until next week or so — because I’m leaving on a jetplane to go to the OTHER end of Canada (I was in Toronto around May). I’ll be in Vancouver for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, with the likes of Mary Robinette Kowal, Diana Gabaldon, Pam van Hylckama, Sarah Wendell, Donald Maass, and Cory Doctorow. I’ll be giving a keynote, and also giving workshops on THEME and CHARACTER. Because theme and character are awesome, that’s why. Oh, and a panel... Read The Rest →

Goodbye, Tai (2003 – 2014)

Tai was our little taco terrier. A taco terrier is — well, yes, a terrier that will eat tacos, but also a dog that is part chihuahua and part terrier. In this case, part toy fox terrier, or so we were told. (Sometimes they’re called chitoxies, but as that does not contain the word “taco,” it is plainly inferior.) My wife and I bought Tai when she was a pot-bellied little pup. We bought her from a pet store at a time we were naive enough to think that most... Read The Rest →

Five Ways To Respond To A Negative Review: A Helpful Guide!

1. Do Nothing Bad reviews happen. They happen the way snow and rain happens. The way high tide rolls in, or the way mosquitos and herpes and gout and a thousand NCIS iterations exist (my favorite is NCIS: Schenectady, starring Alan Thicke and Johnny-Five from Short Circuit.) That’s not to say a bad review is equivalent in its moral and creative compass as a venereal disease — but that’s not your call to make. For your mileage, bad reviews are a fact of life, and not one that should crawl up under your skin... Read The Rest →

Ooh, Scary Scary: Movies!

Last week I asked you about the scariest books you’ve ever read. This week? It’s time to talk about movies. So, hit the comments, and let us all know: what are the scariest movies you’ve ever seen? (They don’t have to be horror, explicitly — though certainly we want some of those in there.) Why did it freak you out? Was it just one scene? The whole film? Something deeper and darker? A film that scared me early on was The Shining, less because of it’s overt fright factor. More because... Read The Rest →

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