On The Murder (And Resurrection?) Of Expertise

It would seem we have entered an age where we care less about facts, or are exhorted to discard them in favor of feelings and a more pleasurable, agreeable narrative. That’s what we hear, right? IT’S THE POST-FACT AGE. FACTS ARE DUMB. TRUTH IS IRRELEVANT. FUCK INFORMATION UNLESS IT SAYS SOMETHING I WANT IT TO SAY. But that’s not really it. Facts are neutral entities. They’re little data-strings of information, arguably correct in the context that they are given, but it’s not them that have been disdained and discarded. At... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Brings The First Official Mystery Macro Contest

Let’s do it. I’ve put together 15 macro photos here, some new, some older, with the idea that you will go through these and take a guess at what they are. When you guess, get as close and as specific as you can. Saying “a waterdrop” isn’t inaccurate, but on what does the drop sit? Do as best as you can. Some of these are easier, some of these are trickier. Person who gets closest will get… Um, let’s go with “a prize.” No idea what. I’ve got books, I’ve... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Fuck You, That’s What

For this week’s challenge, an odd sort. I want you to write a story of going against authority. That can mean whatever it means — but I want it to be a story with attitude, with a take-no-shit, have-no-fucks style. Whatever genre, whatever theme you want. Get rude. Be profane. Middle fingers up. Chaos and rebellion and whatever else you care to muster. Due by: noon on Friday, 3/31. Length: 1000 words Post at your online space. Give us a link below. Fuck yeah.

On Work-for-Hire As A Humble Novelist

On the subject of WRITIN’ NOVELS, I have thoughts, and my thoughts on that grow more complicated when you add in WORK-FOR-HIRE to that whole gig. I spoke about it on The Twitters today, and figured it was worth Storifying for your enjoyment, edification, or irritation. Here be that Storify, yarrrr. [View the story “Caveats Around Work-For-Hire Book Publishing” on Storify]

So, You Wanna Be A Professional Writer? Some Considerations!

What you write, how you write, what prose comes oozing out of your finger pores — I can offer suggestions there, sure, but craft and art are fiddly, subjective things. Less subjective, though, is what you do with them, and how you make money from them. (Though even there: still football fields of wiggle room.) Just the same, it feels like a good time to talk a bit more about what it means to be a writer who earns money. THAT’S RIGHT. IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT YOUR WRITING CAREER. I... Read The Rest →

Awooga, Awooga: Reddit AMA Is Live, Live, Live

Why yes, I am doing a Reddit AMA today. And why yes, you can go over there and ask me whatever your surly little heart desires. Or not. You can also just go and gawk and gape. Or you can not click the link and fail to behold whatever WISDOM* and GENIUS** I impart. * not very wise ** definitely not a genius among humans, maybe among dogs

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