Stephen Blackmoore: “Terror And The Debut Author”

Today, a guest post from the mighty Stephen Motherfucking Blackmoore, debut author extraordinaire. He's got this book out now, CITY OF THE LOST. I read this book and blurbed it, saying, "Bruja, demons, bloodsuckers, the living dead and bucketloads of bloody magic - you'll find all of those in CITY OF THE LOST..."

J.C. Hutchins: The Terribleminds Interview

At the fore of this week, Mister J.C. "Hutch Snugglepants McGee" Hutchins interviewed me at his podcast (come and bathe in the soothing dulcet sounds of my weird voice), and in the same fell swoop turned in his answers for an interview here at Jolly Ol' Terribleminds. Dive in, and behold his storytelling truths.

Joelle Charbonneau: The Terribleminds Interview

Joelle Charbonneau is one of the nicest and hardest working authors I know. We share an agent -- the uber-super-ultra-agent, Stacia Decker -- but the sad thing is, without that connection I might not have read Joelle's delightful debut, SKATING AROUND THE LAW. Which would be an epic mistake.

Greg Stolze: The Terribleminds Interview

Mister Stolze and I share a freelance-flavored past, in that both of us did substantial work for White Wolf Game Studios, and periodically add more to that resume. He's since done a great deal of his own game design work and, in terms of both games and fiction, was kickstarting before Kickstarter even existed.

Elizabeth Bear: The Terribleminds Interview

Let's be upfront, here. Elizabeth Bear's bibliography is such a long read you don't know if it will ever end -- it goes on for days, like an eternally unfurling scroll. But there is, of course, a reason for that -- she's hella-talented and even better, multi-faceted when it comes to genre.

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