• Alumni of the Sundance Screenwriters Lab (2010).
  • Collapsus nominated for International Digital Emmy
  • Winner: Stephen Susco Screenwriting Competition (Mentorship)
  • Honorable Mention in Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for “Bourbon Street Lullaby”



  • Blackbirds (Angry Robot Books, Apr/May 2012)
  • Mockingbird (Angry Robot Books, 2013)
  • Double Dead (Abaddon Books, Nov 2012)
  • Dinocalypse Now (Evil Hat Productions, 2012)
  • Shotgun Gravy (e-pub)

Books On Writing:

Television and Film:

Short Fiction:

  • Irregular Creatures Collection (All Stories)
  • “Color Me Angst,” Tangents
  • “Bourbon Street Lullaby,” Not One of Us (#18), September 1997. (Click to purchase.)
  • “Fromage,” 69 Flavors of Paranoia
  • Roachboy,” Whispers from the Shattered Forum
  • “Hell’s Bells,” The Town Drunk (Click to read for free!)
  • “Legends of the Garou: Beast of War,” Spoils of War, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Legends of the Garou: At the Tower of Silence,” Tribebook: Stargazers, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Murder Shows,” Hunter: Urban Legends, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Bread and Circuses,” Bloodlines: The Legendary, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Memory,” Requiem for Rome, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “What We Remember, What Is Real,” Fall of the Camarilla, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Road Gospel,” Midnight Roads, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Sticks and Stones,” Rites of Spring, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “The Longest Day of Summer,” Lords of Summer, White Wolf Game Studios
  • Four Fictions, Immortal Sinners, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Ring of Keys,” Inferno, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Thom the Vampire,” Night Horrors: Wicked Dead, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Rum Is The Drink The Dead Like Best,” Geist: The Sin-Eaters, White Wolf Game Studios
  • “Charcuterie” (New Hero anthology)
  • “The Toll” (Human Tales anthology)
  • “The Moko-Jumbie Girl” (Beauty Has Her Way anthology)
  • “We Need Johnny” (Haunted anthology)
  • Fiction for upcoming Anthropos Games dark fantasy release (tba)


Articles and Essays:


Game Materials:

Changeling: The Lost

  • Changeling: The Lost (Buy)
  • Autumn Nightmares (Buy)
  • Winter Masques (Buy)
  • Rites of Spring (Buy)
  • Lords of Summer (Buy)
  • Equinox Road (Buy)
  • Dancers in the Dusk (Buy)
  • Swords at Dawn (Buy)
  • Night Horrors: Grim Fears (Buy)
  • The Fear-Maker’s Promise SAS (Buy)

Dark Ages

  • Spoils of War (Buy)

Demon: The Fallen

  • City of Angels (Buy)
  • Saviors & Destroyers (Buy)
  • Demon Players’ Guide (Buy)
  • Earthbound (Buy)


  • EVE Offline (TBP; canceled?)

Gamma World

  • Machines and Mutants  (Buy)

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • Geist: The Sin-Eaters (Buy)
  • Book of the Dead, as developer (Buy)

Hunter: The Reckoning

  • Hunter Storyteller’s Handbook (Buy)
  • Hunter Book: Wayward (Buy)
  • Hunter: Utopia (Buy)
  • Hunter: Fall From Grace (Buy)
  • Hunter: The Spellbound (Buy)
  • Hunter: Urban Legends (Buy)
  • Time of Judgment (Buy)

Hunter: The Vigil

  • Hunter: The Vigil, as developer (Buy)
  • Witch Finders, as developer (Buy)
  • Night Stalkers, as developer (Buy)
  • Spirit Slayers, as developer (Buy)
  • World of Darkness: Slasher, as developer (Buy)
  • Horror Recognition Guide, as developer (Buy)
  • Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm SAS (Buy)
  • Block by Bloody Block (Buy)
  • Blood Drive SAS (Buy)
  • Hunter: Compacts and Conspiracies PDF (TBA)

Maschine Zeit

  • Corebook. (Buy)

Mage: The Awakening

  • Legacies: The Sublime (Buy)
  • Tome of Mysteries (Buy)
  • Intruders: Encounters with the Abyss (Buy)
  • Magical Traditions (Buy)
  • Summoners (Buy)
  • Night Horrors: Unbidden (Buy)
  • Mage Chronicler’s Guide (Buy)


  • Upcoming Alpha Omega Sourcebook (tba)

Promethean: The Created

  • Strange Alchemies (Buy)
  • Saturnine Nights (Buy)

Vampire: The Requiem

  • Bloodlines: The Hidden (Buy)
  • Bloodlines: The Legendary (Buy)
  • Lancea Sanctum (Buy)
  • Ghouls: Thralls of the Damned (Buy)
  • VII (Buy)
  • Circle of the Crone (Buy)
  • The Blood (Buy)
  • Damnation City (Buy)
  • Requiem for Rome (Buy)
  • Fall of the Camarilla (Buy)
  • Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned (Buy)
  • Gangrel: Savage and Macabre (Buy)
  • Nosferatu: The Beast that Haunts the Blood (Buy)
  • Ancient Mysteries (Buy)
  • Ancient Bloodlines (Buy)
  • Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners (Buy)
  • Night Horrors: Wicked Dead (Buy)
  • Danse Macabre (Buy)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

  • Tribebook: Stargazers, Revised (Buy)

Werewolf: The Forsaken

  • Blasphemies (Buy)
  • Lodges: The Splintered (Buy)
  • The Pure (Buy)
  • The Rage (Buy)
  • War Against the Pure (Buy)
  • Tribes of the Moon, as developer (Buy)
  • Signs of the Moon, as developer (Buy)
  • Night Horrors: Wolfsbane, as developer (Buy)
  • Werewolf Chronicler’s Guide (to be released)

World of Darkness

  • Ghost Stories (Buy)
  • Mysterious Places (Buy)
  • World of Darkness: Chicago (Buy)
  • Armory (Buy)
  • Shadows of the UK (Buy)
  • Shadows of Mexico (Buy)
  • Book of Spirits (Buy)
  • Reliquary (Buy)
  • Midnight Roads (Buy)
  • Dogs of War (Buy)
  • Inferno (Buy)
  • Armory Reloaded, as developer (Buy)
  • World of Darkness: Mirrors, as developer (Buy)
  • World of Darkness: Space Opera (to be released)

(updated: November 2011)

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