Terribleminds has been around for about ten years, now. Originally, I intended it to be a kind of literary journal where a number of addlepated writers (the titular “terrible minds”) would come together and put all their fiction, but that idea miscarried before it could be born wriggling and screeching.

This, then, is my blog, my author site, my fenced-in yard, my prison cell, my meadow in which I pirouette and sing selections from The Sound Of Music.

Please be advised, this site is unmercifully profane.

It is not for children. Frankly, it’s probably not even for adults. If it’s for anybody, it’s for berserker Vikings, the dangerously insane, and… I dunno, grizzly bears or something. Or maybe dangerously insane berserker Viking grizzlies. Either way, you are warned.

Things you may find here:




Writing advice.

Things that I think are funny, but may not actually be funny.

Did I mention rants and ramblings?

Food porn, including the occasional improvisational recipe (with guaranteed profanity!).

Pop culture commentary.


Mentions of: pornography, meth, primates, goblins, unicorns.

Ramblings and rants.


Utterly random garbage thrown out of my head and onto your computer monitor.

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