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Flash Fiction Challenge: Predictive Text Fun

So, I love the predictive text meme, where you tell a short little story or poem or sentence based on the predictive text your phone or mobile device gives you — Like, last week, one was to type in “I was born” and then let predictive text fill in your autobiography, and mine came up with: “I was born a perfectionist and a monster I had no idea what I was doing” And I thought, goddamn, that’s fucking good. That’s “opening line of a memorable novel” good. So, let’s play... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Things Fall Apart, The Center Cannot Hold

I have Yeats on the mind, today, so we return to the flash fiction challenges (hi! back from traveling!) with you writing a story based on that central theme of Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming, meaning this gem right here: “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” You will take this core idea, this theme, this argument. You will write it into some flash fiction. Length: ~1000 words. Due by: November 3rd, noon EST (Friday). Post at your online space. Link to it in the comments. Go write.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Write About A Tree

Trees are amazing. Trees are givers of life in many ways. Trees, like this one, can be weird or scary. Your job, this week, is to write a 1000-word piece of flash fiction about — you guessed it, a tree. A tree must be involved. It can be a character or a setting or some other part of the tale. It can be good or evil or neither of the two. It can be part of a horror story, a redemptive tale, a fantasy story, a crime narrative. Whatever you want.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Fix

So, every good story has an argument. It has more than a point-of-view — it has a point. Maybe it’s one you intend, maybe it’s one that crawls up out of the wet goop that is your unconscious mind. Who knows? Either way, the story exists and the story says something. It’s not an obvious thing. It’s more the plumbing behind the walls than the walls themselves. But it’s there. Whispering its message through the vents. That’s a story’s theme. Today, I’m going to give you a theme. And you’re (duh)... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Good Vs. Evil

Given my choice of mid-day horror film (IT, which was great), I ask that today’s flash fiction challenge be a simple one: You have 1000 words to write a story about good versus evil. In whatever context you choose, in whatever genre you choose. Do that, and do it well. Post at your online space. Due here by September 15th (Fri), noon EST.

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Title And Two Lines

You have given us titles. You have given us opening lines. You have given us closing lines. Now it’s time to pick a batch and write some stories. The job is easy enough: choose (randomly if you like) a title, an opening line, a closing line, and then write a story with… well, do I need to explain it? Use the title, the opening line, the closing line. C’MON PEOPLE JEEZ. Length is — well, flash fiction is usually ~1000 words, but let’s forego any kind of length here and... Read The Rest →

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