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Flash Fiction Challenge: And Now, The First Sentence, Please

Last week I asked you for the last sentence of a story. This week, I’m asking you for the first sentence of a different story. How this will work is this: Next week, I will pick ten of each, allowing you to then randomly choose from that selection for an opening and final sentence to a short story you’ll write. But that means we need another sentence that will start this unwritten story. So, get to doing that. You again have one week. Due by Friday, August 25th, noon EST.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Last Sentence Is Needed

Your task this week is simple: I want you to come up with a single sentence. Just one. No more than thirteen words long. This sentence is meant to be the end of a story. The last sentence. You can deposit this sentence in the comments below. Again: just one, please. Not a whole story. Just one sentence — the end to an as-yet-incomplete story. Do this by next Friday, the 18th, noon EST. Begin.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold The Magic Realism Bot

Someone suggested this one to me this week, and I sadly forget who (apologies!) — but there is a Twitter account called MAGICAL REALISM BOT. I don’t know if it’s really a bot or someone is actually creating or curating it, but it doesn’t matter. Because it is brilliant. Especially as fodder for flash fiction. So, go look at it. Pick a tweet. Write a short story based on that tweet. That’s it. Go do it. Length: ~1500 words Due by: Friday, August 11th, noon EST Post online. Give us... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Slasher Movie Edition

So, given this interaction and also the release of Riley Sager’s FINAL GIRLS, I figure today’s flash fiction challenge would be cool if it played with the slasher movie story type — so, write a story that has something to do in some way with a slasher film narrative. (Think, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, so on, so forth.) It can be a horror story or not — feel free to play with this story type in the context of other genres. It also doesn’t need to be a slasher story... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspired By InspiroBot!

I advise you to click here: INSPIROBOT. There, you will find the ability to generate algorithmic inspirational memes. Just like the one at the fore of this post. You can either: a) generate your own or b) use the one above. From there, design a piece of short fiction around that, um, “inspiration.” Use the text in the story if possible. Otherwise, just use it as a springboard to delightful story weirdness. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, the 28th, noon EST Post at your online space. Link back here... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: There Is No Exit

Last night, I had a dream — no, no, not the one with Mrs. Butterscotch and the strap-on dildo covered in spray cheese. This one was a dream in which a phrase figured prominently: There is no exit. I don’t know why. I don’t know what it means. It probably doesn’t mean anything, because dreams are just your brain’s way of pooping. Anyway. I thought it would make a very good flash fiction challenge. So, incorporate that phrase — “There is no exit” — into the story. Either as a... Read The Rest →

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