Reddit AMA, Starred Dust & Grim, And More

Just belly-flopping into the ol’ blog here to splash you with a few drops of chlorinated update-water: first up, I’m doing a Reddit AMA today. Right now, in fact. Go there. Ask questions. I’ll be hanging out, A’ing your Q’s.

Second, Dust & Grim received a starred review (!) from Kirkus (!!):

“Chills and thrills ensue when long-separated siblings find themselves custodians of a very special funeral home and cemetery… not only is Wendig a dab hand at concocting extremely creepy critters, but here he also pulls together a secondary cast of quarrelsome but supportive allies for the beleaguered teens, featuring a (generally) low-key vampire, a mercurial fox spirit (“Cat software loaded onto dog hardware,” as one observer puts it), and other slyly tweaked supernatural grown-ups.”

Tomorrow night, I’m chatting virtually with Kiersten White at Boswell Books! And the final virtual event of the TBOA tour is getting to hang out with Cassandra Khaw at Powell’s on Thursday night. Come hang out, too! One event! Two events! Go back in time and do the other events! I don’t know! Where are my pants!

The book continues to be in the Top 100 at B&N, btw. Signed copies still available there. And available too at the other bookstores I visited and will visit virtually. And I can still do personalized copies through Doylestown Bookshop.

Finally, a reminder that The Book of Accidents is an August Indie Next pick! Woo!