Wanderers News, When Wanderers Also Sort of IS The News?

The question is, is it glib to announce book news now? Is it gauche or otherwise in bad taste? What if that book is a book that… sometimes eerily mirrors the reality in which we’re living? Does that make it better, worse, or just weirder?

I have no idea! As I said yesterday on Twitter, this all feels like a slow-motion 9/11. Like we’re watching the planes hit, frame by frame, stretched out, instead of all at one time. But it’s also the aftermath of it, too, as if time itself has run together like wet paint.

Still. All I know is this: I’m a writer and I write books and this is what I do, and in the absence of much else, I’m gonna keep on writing books and editing books and talking about the books I have out in the world. Because otherwise I’ll just panic-eat cookies all day.

So, with that said, some book-ish news —

First, the slightly bad news: my next novel, The Book of Accidents, won’t be out this summer, as predicted. We talked about moving it to the fall, but given what is potentially to come in November, we felt it better to just… get out of the way of that trolley problem now, and move the book into 2021. I believe the expected publication date on that book is now July, 2021.

That said, the Wall Street Journal talks about how readers are, in the midst of COVID19, eagerly consuming pandemic fiction — and Wanderers gets a (fairly spoilery!) shout-out.

And I offered some brief thoughts at The Portalist about what it is to find hope in end-of-the-world stories. You can also find Mike Chen there, who would’ve been with me at the Tucson Book Fest. And here I remind you that with a lot of book events being canceled (see below for more about that), it’s a nice time to support indie bookstores and authors. Certainly I don’t mean to suggest it is your responsibility, as the difficulties going forward are likely to impact us all, but creative folks and the marketplaces for their work are often closer to the razor’s edge. The good news is, books make for an excellent dry good to stock up on for all your doomsday prepping needs! Bookshop.org (in beta) and indiebound.org are good places to start, but also I remind you that many, many indie bookstores will also sell and ship direct. Also note that another alternative (as with restaurants) is buying gift certificates from local stores to give flagging income a little goose.



Finally, I can also announce that Wanderers is coming out in paperback!

If you want a little publishing industry inside baseball —

Because the book has done so well in its run so far (seriously, thank you, everyone), the initial paperback plan was to release it one year after hardcover, in July. And then I was going to maybe round that out with some bookstore and con events. But at this point, since all of that is suddenly fraught, Del Rey wisely decided to bump the paperback release sooner.

In the UK, it’ll be out on May 14th.

And in the US, it’ll be out May 19th.

Bonus: in the US it’s getting a revised cover:

* * *

WANDERERS: A Novel, out now.

A decadent rock star. A deeply religious radio host. A disgraced scientist. And a teenage girl who may be the world’s last hope. An astonishing tapestry of humanity that Harlan Coben calls “a suspenseful, twisty, satisfying, surprising, thought-provoking epic.”

A sleepwalking phenomenon awakens terror and violence in America. The real danger may not be the epidemic, but the fear of it. With society collapsing—and an ultraviolent militia threatening to exterminate them—the fate of the sleepwalkers and the shepherds who guide them depends on unraveling the mystery behind the epidemic. The terrifying secret will either tear the nation apart—or bring the survivors together to remake a shattered world.

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13 responses to “Wanderers News, When Wanderers Also Sort of IS The News?”

  1. It’s perfectly okay to talk about book news. Here is Montgomery County (PA), where everything non-essential is shutting down, books remain one of the few safe forms of entertainment left. You can buy an ebook instantly. Or you can get a physical book delivered. We should be encouraging everyone to do a lot of reading over the next several weeks.

  2. I was going to write a long blog post about the effect your book is having on me, but I’ll give you the TLDR version.
    I bought it on Kindle. Then its “life is short, get busy” undercurrent made me conscious of how much time I was spending on screens. I stopped reading it and bought the hardback.
    The hardback edition made me forget everything around me, so much so that I would relax, and fall asleep. So I bought the audiobook version.
    When I started listening, I realized that Matthew’s introduction to Ozark had made me really worried, particularly for Autumn, and that was the real reason I’d stopped.
    Now that I’m listening, in short chunks, I have to stop occasionally, because the book’s similarity to current events makes me get anxiety through the freaking roof. But I keep opening it up and coming back to it, because these characters make me really care about them.

    Marcy resonates deeply for me. I’m a big broad tough-looking woman too, and I’m surrounded by neurodiverse people, so she’s very meaningful to me.

    I’ll keep reading/listening/whatever. I’m on chapter 63, and the whole thing is driving me bonkers.

  3. I think it’s always a good time to promote reading, even the pandemic sort. That way we can say “hey, it could be worse…”

  4. I was finally able to get Wanderers from my library this week and just started reading yesterday. You are one scary dude and I love you for that!

  5. Now is no time to stop doing people-things. Unless they are infectifying people-things, and since as far as I can tell, the reading experience is actually improved by social distancing, I say bring on all things booky.

    Losing a whole lot of normal is not a reason to chuck out the rest. On the contrary, when things seem most What The Actual is the best time to keep doing the everyday things. Have a nice hot drink. Read a book. Brush your teeth. Smell a flower. And, of course, wash your hands.

  6. Just finished reading Wanderers this week. (Present from my wife last Christmas) Harrowing…disquieting… and damn fine storytelling. Thanks.

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