Hey, Look: Wanderers On Locus Reading List And Poll! Maybe Vote?

I’m honestly full of light and love and bees about how much people seem to be enjoying WANDERERS — I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten as many emails and tweets and such about any other book, the Aftermath series included. It’s heartening and wonderful and so it’s especially cool to make the Locus Reading List in the category of science-fiction. Which also means it has landed as part of the Locus 2020 poll awards ballot — you can vote for up to five in each category, dontcha know.

You do not need to be a subscriber, but subscribers do have their votes count twice.

You should also vote for Tricia Narwani in the editor section. Tricia edited Wanderers and is currently editing The Book of Accidents, and she’s really an astonishing editor whose caliber is, for me, unparalleled. Please consider voting for her.

Also, I might recommend a couple of write-ins —

For fantasy, Steel Crow Saga. Paul Krueger. So good. Should be on there. Single-serving epic fantasy, some of the finest disaster characters ever.

For SF, The Warehouse, by Rob W. Hart. Tense, taut near-future thriller. Definitely not a dart in the eye of Amazon and capitalism ahem ahem ahem cough cough.


Thank you.

Also I ate Mac and Cheese ice cream and apparently that’s news.