Macro Monday Masticates Morgue Meat

No, I don’t know what that means, but I do know that it means at the bottom of this post I have some photos, including a photo of vultures. Because vultures are awesome, that’s why. Don’t forget that one of their self-defense mechanisms is HOT ROTTEN VOMIT.

Merry Christmas!

Anyway, just some quick newsy bits before we get to the photos —

Do not forget that I give gift ideas for THE WEIRDO WRITERS IN YOUR LIFE.

Wanderers has also hit more year-end lists, to my shock and delight —

Polygon lists it as a top of 2019.

As does Rob Hart at LitReactor Staff Picks of 2019. (Quote from him on the book that I love: “800-something pages and I read it in three days. Wendig took everything you see on Twitter that keeps you awake at night and condenses it all into a cohesive narrative about our garbage-fire reality, and makes it a ripping thriller on top of that.” Also, if you’ve not yet read The Warehouse, get on it.)

And finally, NPR! Holy crap. It hit their Book Concierge list, and I’m floored.

So, not that anybody’s counting (okay, I’m counting), it’s hit best of the year lists at:




Library Journal




Publishers Weekly

Washington Post

It’s very exciting. It’s the first time any of my books has had this kind of reach.

Anyway! What else?

Some books of mine are still on sale:

Invasive is still $1.99 for your Kindlemachine. It’s probably the best precursor to Wanderers, in fact. (It does not require having read Zer0es, despite what some sites will say.)

Atlanta Burns is $0.99, so if you like Nazis getting punched, well.

Under the Empyrean Sky is $0.99, too, as are the rest of the books in that series — cornpunk YA, Star Wars by way of John Steinbeck and Hunger Games.

Damn Fine Story is only $4.99 for your Kindle, too.

And if you want a Hydrate and Read Books t-shirt, Worldbuilders has you covered. And don’t forget about their year’s end charity run, which ends tomorrow, and affords you a chance to win a bunch of my books.

Finally, pretty cool that Aftermath gets a shout-out from Chris Terrio, the screenwriter of Rise of Skywalker. No, I don’t expect this means the movie does anything with the books! But it’s happy to see, just the same.