Hey, You Did It!

Wanderers made the semifinal round of the Goodreads Choice Award as a write-in candidate, thanks to you! I mean, I tried to design a SINISTER ALGORITHM to BOT THE VOTE, but all it did was fall in love with a Smart Toaster in Cleveland and now they’re having digital babies, so that didn’t really work out so well for me. But thankfully, all y’all were there in a pinch, and helped get it to the next round. Can we get it into the Final Round? Well, assuming no help from my SINISTER ALGORITHM, I once more rely upon you, intrepid readers. There are also tons of wonderful books to vote for, and to read. It’s a veritable buffet of reading opportunities.

If you were so inclined to also leave a review of the book at Goodreads or Amazon, I’d be awfully chuffed. Is that a word? Chuffed? Is it British? Does it mean something good? It sounds vaguely like “chafed,” which is definitely not what I mean. Let’s assume it means BURNISHED TO A HAPPY SHINE and go with that. Chuffed.

In other Wanderers news:

It made Kirkus’ top sci-fi/fantasy of the year, alongside such estimable company as Cadwell Turnbull, Paul Krueger, Seanan McGuire.

And it also landed on Engadget’s list of books to give as gifts, which is pretty rad. Also present: the most excellent Mary Robinette Kowal, Martha Wells, Randall Munroe.

I continue to be in such admirable company I am faintly certain I have died and have gone to my reward. The only evidence against this is that I probably don’t deserve such reward? Whatever, I’m here, suckers. *barricades self in this place*