The Word On Wendig Street

HEY WHAT’S UP, FRANDOS. Figured I’d pop in and say hi, talk about what’s going on here in this part of the Word Mines. Down in the dark. With the writhing things and the gently humming stones. 

First up, I’ve got two stories in the Nightfire audio horror anthology Come Join Us By The Fire. Nightfire is a new horror imprint under Tor, and the anthology features some truly astonishing storytellers like Paul Tremblay, Brooke Bolander, Carmen Maria Machado, Richard Kadrey, the mighty Joe Lansdale, and more. Double bonus? It’s free as hell. You can check out the individual audio stories here. Hope you dig ’em.

Also, ICYMI, Lifehacker shouted out my… apple reviews? Yep.

Star Wars dot com shouts out some great SW characters who began in books or comics — and it lists both Rae Sloane and Mister Bones.

And did you know Wanderers was a Locus bestseller for the month of Oct 2019? Landed at number two on the list, which is, well, it’s damn exciting is what it is.

(And as always I remind you: if you read Wanderers and dug it, please leave a review at your favorite REVIEW HUT. Meaning, Amazon or Goodreads or other social media outlets.)

I have other news to share like the [REDACTED] book that’s in the works or the three [REDACTED] or the film and TV news where [REDACTED] but such is the life of the author. Much remains seeeeecret. Until it’s not.

Also been updating Flickr with new photos — I’ll pop a few up at the blog on Monday, but for now, you can catch a taste there.

And that’s it.

See you on the far side of the weekend.