The Good News, The Bad News

Life brings a steady stream of news, good and ill, and so today I bring you a fistful of each — which to open first? I suppose a spoonful of sugar, and all that.

Wait, do I have a spoonful in the fistful? I think I’m mixing metaphors. WHATEVER.

The good news: this weekend I’ll be at both the Morristown Book Festival and the Bucks County Book Fest. At Morristown tomorrow, I’m doing a Star Wars panel with Jason Fry at 12 noon, and then I and Rob Hart will be chatting about Wanderers and The Warehouse respectively, and that is at 3PM. (Full Morristown schedule here.) We’ll be signing after, I believe? I assume? Yeah. And at Bucks, I’m appearing on Sunday, at a 3pm sci-fi panel with Josiah Bancroft and Mike Slater. Signing after.

The bad news is —

Hey, remember how I was going to the Surrey Writer’s Conference outside of Vancouver at the end of the month? Given everything with my mother’s passing and the move, it became just too untenable, and there’s too much going on, so I woefully had to back out. I know! I know. It’s such a great festival and I was going to hang with pals like Delilah Dawson and Eric Smith, but it unfortunately it’s just *gestures chaotically* right now. (Extra bummer for me, I was heading up there to check out the UBC Heirloom Apple festival so that’s a small gut punch to miss it.) This also ruins my curious pattern of going to Canada every dang October. I HAVE BROKEN THE PROPHECY AND NOW I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

So, if you were heading there to see me — well, I won’t be there. But again, to boomerang back some good news, it is an absolutely amazing conference which you surely already know and so the lack of me won’t impact your experience at all — you’ll get so much out of it by the end you’ll wonder why you even cared about me at all.

(Answer: my luxurious, well-unguented beard. That’s why.)

Anyway, updates will at some point get more regular here as grief and chaos abate.

I’m also nesting on some cool news like a patient hen, and at some point these eggs will hatch.

Onward, we go.