Macro Monday Is A Contented Avocet

Why yes, it’s that time again! I come into your life. I show you pretty pictures of things. But before I do, I parade before you a series of personal news items in the hopes that some of them invoke an electrochemical response in your brain and stimulate something approximating joy!

Let us begin.

In which I visit a mysterious galaxy. As I’ll likely be at San Diego Comic-Con, I’ll also get to hang out at one of my favorite bookstores, Mysterious Galaxy. My first adult-pants book-signing ever was actually at the Redondo Beach branch of the store (*pours a little on the curb for that lost store*) so I’m excited to go back to share Wanderers. I’ll be there Monday, the 22nd, and I see an event page has popped up on Facebook. I’ll also be adding some other bookstore visits to the list in the coming week or two. Keep your eyes peeled. Uh. Not literally, though, put that melonballer down.

T-Minus three months. At this point, Wanderers is less than three months away. Holy shit, how did that happen? This has been a long row to hoe, getting this book written and edited and out into the world. Did you know you can add it to Goodreads? You can.

The Continental is open. Episode two of Chuck & Anthony Ragna– uhh, I mean, The Continental? — is up. We’ve got one more to finish out John Wick, and then we’ve a new one we recorded tackling the first episode of the new Twilight Zone (“The Comedian”). Which you can watch online, for free, btw. Two other shows you should be watching, btw? Killing Eve and Billions.

And now, the photos. Here, have some more photos.

Including the titular “contented avocet.”

Which is also my spy name.

Have a nice day, folks.