Out Now: Death & Honey!

So, a little while back, Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson and myself joined forces and did a trio of novellas packed into a collection called Three Slices, the theme of which is, quite literally cheese magic. Every story contains cheese and magic in some connected proportion. It was fun, and we had a blast, and it’s done pretty well, and so we are back.

This time, with Death & Honey, a collection featuring —



*clears throat*

You know, death and honey.

The official description is as follows:

Death & Honey contains three novellas by New York Times bestsellers Delilah S. Dawson, Kevin Hearne, and Chuck Wendig. Each of the stories features a full-color, full-page illustration by Galen Dara, who also contributed the cover and a full-color frontispiece.

In The Buzz Kill by Kevin Hearne, Oberon the Irish wolfhound and Starbuck the Boston Terrier sink their teeth into a new Meaty Mystery when they discover a body underneath a beehive in Tasmania. It’s been badly stung, but the bees aren’t at fault: This is homicide. The hounds recruit the help of their Druid, Atticus O’Sullivan, and the Tasmanian police to track down the killer in the interest of a reward—but this time, they want more than food and justice.

Grist of Bees, by Delilah S. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen, follows Rhett Walker, who has given up his destiny as the monster-hunting Shadow to settle down with his beloved Sam. But when the call to action grows too strong, Rhett saddles up to follow a peculiar bee into the unforgiving desert. The bee leads him to a weeping mother in a strangely prosperous valley, and Rhett has no choice but to hunt the creature that’s stolen her child—even if it destroys a land of milk and honey.

Interlude: Tanager by Chuck Wendig returns us to the world of Miriam Black. Lauren “Wren” Martin is a young psychic woman who can see the stained souls of killers; it is her gift, or as she sees it, her curse. And up until now, it has been her mission to kill those killers, to remove them from the pattern so that they may not murder again. But now, after a death that may not have been deserved, she’s left rudderless, without plan or purpose, until a woman with a strange power of her own takes her in and gives her a new mission—and a new target.

It’s very exciting, and we hope you like it.

This time around, we have a limited print edition through Subterranean Press, which you can order from them directly in a signed, numbered edition — or in a leatherbound signed edition, ooh fancy.

Or you can grab it in eBook or audio.

For my part in it, Interlude: Tanager takes the character of Wren and puts her on a journey set between the fifth and sixth books of the Miriam Black series (The Raptor & The Wren and Vultures, respectively). It’s got psychic slasher-killer fun-times. Hope you check it out and enjoy it.

(The audio of Tanager is read by Xe Sands, who also did Invasive.)

Art by the inimitable Galen Dara.