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Who Rules Blurbtown, Macro Monday Rules Blurbtown

OH HI, I didn’t see you there. How long have you been hiding in my shrubs? A week? That explains all the Chinese takeout containers scattered around — I just assumed the squirrels had figured out GrubHub. No, no, it’s okay, you don’t have to get up.


Oh no I’ve been approached by the KGB. Ahem. What I mean is, I’ll be a reader — alongside Keith DeCandido! — at the Fantastic Fiction at the KGB event on June 19th in NYC. It’ll be great! I’ll read stuff! You’ll sit and listen! I’ll sing and dance! I’ll whisper secrets! I’ll steal your dreams and sell them to a dream merchant so I can afford noise-canceling headphones! Come on by. Note: I updated the Where’s Wendig page. I should have news to share soon-ish about book tour stuff for Wanderers

They weaponize their barf, you know. So, Vultures came out a couple weeks ago, and it looks like it improved upon the sales of the two books before it, which is nice, and thank you. Adventures in Poor Taste did a great review of the book, saying that it “sticks the landing” and that it is a “near-perfect conclusion,” so I’ll take that. Check out the review, but note, it contains some light spoilers.

Oops I felled down. After many many moons I feel like I’ve finally rounded the bend on The Book of Accidents, and I hope to be done it by middle of March. It’s been a rough, rough book — I’m happy with it, but it’s pretty weird, and also kinda epic despite being arguably very intimate, just a story about a small family going through some real shit. We’ll see. I expect some serious trimming, but who knows. At least it hasn’t yet approached Wanderers size. Eep.

Speaking of the Sleepwalkers… hey, PRH Del Rey has started to put together some very cool blurb cards that I’ll be posting over on The Social Medias across the next several months. They contain, for the most part, blurbs from amazing authors, authors I admire, and I’m the luckiest boy in Booktown right now. I have *does a quick count* sixteen of these awesome things to share, and I’ve shared two so far, which I’ve popped in here, below, in addition to the one I’ll be posting this week. A gentle cough cough reminder that you can pre-order the book now, in print, eBook, and audio.

And finally, I got your macro photos right here. I mean, it would be Macro Monday without at least one macro photo, and yes I recognize that a lot of the time I don’t post a goddamn macro photo every Monday despite the name shut up I hear you grousing from the shrubs. You wanna leave the shrubs? You want me to call the police? No? Then simmer down. Anyway! Here is some melty ice showing off spectacular morning colors, aaaaand a woodpecker. A downy woodpecker, to be specific. Look at his googly eyes! I mean they’re not actually googly eyes but they look like it?