Friday Newsplosion: Hey, Look, It’s Wanderers

So, here’s a thing — yesterday, Entertainment Weekly released their 50 Most Anticipated Books of 2019, and uhhh. *checks again to make sure it wasn’t a dream* It looks like Wanderers is on that list. I have never been on such a fancy list, nor do I ever anticipate being on one again, but for this precious moment in time, I share a special kind of literary interstitial territory with the likes of Samira Ahmed, Erin Morgenstern, and Margaret Atwood, so I’m just going to breathe deep, savor the moment, and try very hard not to barf on myself.

Also, the book is starting to go out to authors for blurbs, a rolling boil of that, as it were, and we’ve already gotten some incredibly kind blurbs back from folks, and I’ll be showcasing some of those in the new year. I am honestly very fortunate and super, super glad this book is actually working for people, because, whew. It’s been a journey.

Reminder: you can pre-order Wanderers (out in July, moved up a week to July 2nd) in Print or eBook.

I hope you like it.

What else?

The Mary Sue did a feature on six Star Wars characters they’d love to see get spin-offs, and three (!) of those six are from Aftermath, so that’s pretty fantastic.

After the new year I should also return with a pre-order for the last Miriam Black book from Let’s Play Books that gets you an autographed copy and a customized DEATH PREDICTION ooh-la-la you will be the fanciest folkperson on the block, what with your artisanal demise prophecy tucked in your pocket. You’ll make all your friends and enemies jealous.

Finally —

Episode 12: The Loki Awards is up at Ragnatalk, where Anthony Carboni and talk only about the greatest film ever made, Thor: Ragnarok, and maybe we’re supposed to cover the final ten minutes of the movie, but also, maybe we don’t do that and do something else instead. No spoilers! Go listen.

And I think that’s it.

Posting will be light next week because

*checks calendar*

It is some kind of HOOMAN HOLIDAY.

ANYWAY here have a cool macro photo of spraypainted noodles (from an ornament made by my child a couple-few years ago). Happy holidays, humans.