Friday Newspoop!

Hello! It is Friday. What happens on Friday? Oh, I dunno, maybe a hot fresh bucket of NEWS-FLAVORED NEWS NIBBLINGS, coming right atcha. Nothing particularly revelatory today, but just the same, buckle up —

And let’s ride.

1. New episode of Ragnatalk, featuring Max Temkin of CAH. Wait, what’s that? You’re not yet listening to Chuck & Anthony: Ragnatalk? Well, fix your shit and come correct.

2. If you wanted a terribleminds mug, like this Art Harder one, they are currently 40% off today (11/30) with code CYBRWEEKZAZZ. Or, I dunno, other mugs! And don’t forget the Gifts for Writers 2018 post is live in case you’re a penmonkey in need of gifts or a non-penmonkey in need of gifts for a penmonkey. Writers need love, too, is what I’m saying.

3. The collection of Star Wars short fiction, From A Certain Point of View, is $2.99 today for your ELECTRIZZIC BOOKENMACHINE or whatever, so go have it. It’s a series of stories based on many of the lesser characters from A New Hope, and my story is about the cantina barkeep, Wuher.

4. Invasive is $3.99 in eBook. Why? Because reasons!

5. Do not forget you can get in a preorder of a signed copy of the limited release hardcover of Death & Honey, which contains three novellas — one by me, one by Kevin Hearne, one by Delilah S. Dawson, cover by the inimitable Galen Dara. But but but, you can also preorder the eBook now  — $5.99 gets you that, and soon we’ll have audio up for pre-order, to boot.



*sprays you with a spray bottle*