Macro Monday Is Bees, Bees, Bees


You Might Be The Killer airs this Saturday, October 6th, 7pm, on SyFy Channel.

Tell your friends!

Tell your pets!

Tell your enemies!

But most of all, tell yourself. Because we all need reminders now and again.

Let’s see, what else —

Oooh oooh ooh there’s Chuck and Anthony: Ragnatalk. First episode (THE SON OF ODIN AS A CUSTOM VAN) is live and hopefully soon in your earholes. If you love Thor: Ragnarok as much as Anthony Carboni and I do (unpossible), then give a listen.

Finally, a bit of good news — Damn Fine Story, the elk-containing book that also happens to contain a lot of talk of story and narrative and character? Yeah, it earned out. (I suspect it actually earned out a good while ago, but the siren song of sweetly gathered royalties has confirmed this). Feel free to check it out if you haven’t — in print or e-book.

The world is feeling particularly poopy right now, so to medicate, here is a photo of a water lily I took at Longwood Gardens this weekend. It contains bees. Behold its meditative splendor. Or, if you’d rather, imagine those bees stinging the eyes of someone you despise. Dealer’s choice!