Macro Monday Magnifies The Moist Monster

Okay, that subject header sounds like I’m talking about one thing but I’m really talking about this thing. And before you click that link lemme just warn you — it’s a spider. I mean, not a real spider that will jump out of your screen and bite your face, but a spider photo, and it’s a spider covered in raindrops sitting on a flower. But some people are viciously arachnophobic, so I thought I’d hide it behind the jump there.

The same spider created the web in the header image above. The one that looks like something written in space in the language of raindrops.



I am back from BookCon and BEA, where I was able to rain copies of Damn Fine Story down on all those who would come near me — and as it turns out, many seemed to want the book, either because they knew what it was or because they were entranced by the monocled elk. So, if you have grabbed the book, or really any of my books, by garsh and by golly I could sure use the a review at the Review Location of your choice. Amazon! Goodreads! Carved onto the side of a mountain with a doom laser! Tattooed on your face! Whatever.

Here, for your service, have a creampuff:

Okay, it’s a photo of a creampuff, but you were okay with it not being real when it was a spider, so don’t complain now.

Let’s see, what other news nuggets of note?

Damn Fine Story will soon come to audio. More details when I have them.

Also coming to audio: The Raptor & The Wren and Vultures.

Zer0es is still a buck-ninety-nine.

Wanderers is out of copy-edits. Soon out for blurbs which is — ha ha, ohh man, that’s always a terrifying part of sending your book out.

Also, I’m really coming around to the idea of starting a Patreon/Drip (probably Drip) — it would focus on writing advice in an “advice column” way, where the column would, after a period of exclusivity, drift over here to the blog properly. I like the idea, but not sure how many readers here are really… interested in that? Give a shout in the comments if that’s a thing you’d dig.

And that’s it.

Have a good week.

Or don’t. I’m not your Mom.

I am your Weird Uncle though, so I feel I have some authority.


  • …it’s very quiet in here…helllooo?…I came over to see what folk were saying about the advice column idea…yoo hoo?…
    So, ok, I’m first. As an introvert, I prefer solitude anyway. Well, I’ll read just about anything you have to say about writing after reading Damn Fine Story, so there you go. You’ll have one reader. Bet that gets you jonesin’ to start.

  • I support a few folks already on Patreon, it’s pretty easy to use. D.RIP annoyed me right out of the gate with their lack of a search feature. (Hold on a ‘sec while I dig up my AOL CD and dial-up the Internets!) I don’t know, from a content creator’s point of view, which platform is friendlier. I believe Fran Wilde is also looking at Drip, so you could probably hit her up for some additional insight.

    • Fran and a few others have liked Drip, and Drip has more flexibility for a creator to keep the information that’s collected – so, better control, as I understand it. And Patreon also did some shenanigans with payouts, sooooo.

      • Ugh, right, even though Patreon tried to unwind the change, I believe it was too little too late and a bunch of folks lost supporters in the process. Unless drip is somehow egregiously expensive (money or time wise) to get in to, it sounds like it’s worth a shot. I did some more digging around on the site and if you have a kickstarter account, you can log right in to drip as a supporter. Easy green beany. Or peasy, if that’s your sort of thing.

  • Gimme your writing advice straight from your talk hole. You could just be giving me side-eye and I would call that writing advice…though that wouldn’t come from your talk hole, so obviously I need writing anatomy assistance as well. But I’m in.

  • I live for Weird Uncle Writing Advice and will take as much of it as I can get. I’d support the column!

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