Solomon Grundy Was Born On A Macro Monday

That is a suitably dreary photo to accurately represent how suitably dreary it is outside right now. It’s gray and rainy and unnnggghh *banshee moan* this weekend was warm and lush and spring was in the air and now it’s cold and wet and fuck it.

And no that’s not a macro photo, but we’re all just going to have to deal. It’s a macro photo if you’re a giant. How about that? There you go. If you’re a giant, particularly a Space Giant out there in Giant Space, it’s a macro photo. Boom, you just got lawyered.

So, this week — well, the end of this week — I turn a big ol’ whopping 42 years old, which given HHGTTG, leads me to believe this will be some kind of very special year for me, cosmically speaking? I mean, probably not, but let a fella have his literarily numerological leanings, yeah? Yeah. But anyway, to celebrate, I figure I’d put my MEGA ULTRA SUPER DUPER POOPER UBER BOOK BUNDLE on sale — 50% off, so $20 becomes $10, which means you get ten books (eight writing books, two novels) for a buck a pop all in one go. You can check it out here, and you get the sale price with the coupon BOOKBIRTHDAY.

I’ve also noodled on doing a Patreon or Drip to support this site — but I’m also not sure about it. I don’t want to silo content unnecessarily, and I don’t want to split the readership here, nor punish those who aren’t subscribers. More thought will be required.

Ooh, also, ATLANTA BURNS and its sequel, THE HUNT, are still on sale for $0.99 a pop. For how long? I’ve no idea. Maybe ten minutes. Maybe ten years. Again, please note: these books are trigger-warning-flavored for all manner of things, so please be aware of that going into the deal. Good news on this front: a friend of mine wrote a pilot script based on the first AB book, and it was fucking cracking — I’ve read a lot of pilot scripts and this one, boy howdy, it’s one of the best scripts I’ve read. It captures the book while still being its own thing? It’s great. I don’t know that anything will happen with it, but Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise, fortune will smile on this weird little project.


Reminder of where I’ll be upcoming —

This weekend: Ravencon in Virginia!

Then, May 5th, I’ll be at the Quakertown branch of the BCFL library for their comic-con day. I’ll be signing books and Let’s Play Books will have books for sale, so come by, say hi. Details here.

I’m at Phoenix ComicFest May 24 – 27, and will have a schedule for you soon.

Then I think I’m popping up to BEA to sign Damn Fine Story? More on that as I know!

Then I’m doing Writer’s Digest in NYC in August.

And that’s it!


*runs naked and cackling into the woods*


  • We (hubby and I) would happily support and drip or other type of funding options. And without and desire or need to see the content restricted. Perhaps a simple, optional funding button, rather than the reward based model? It all depends on the range of funding you are hoping to achieve, I suppose (I would guess that Pareon reward based funding may provide a higher level of income than “donate if you would like to”).

  • I am not a writer, other than the occasional sternly written e-mail to one of my boy’s ridiculous teachers, but I LOVE your blog. Totally makes my day. Thank you for doing you.

  • Being the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is not the be all and end all one would think it is. I’ve still got 37 (hee-hee, in a row, love Clerks) days left til I’m no longer the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything and there’s been nothin. I demand a refund.

  • i love ur blog and read it most days. u r funny and i regularly lol while reading u. i thought blightborn one of ur best; a pleasure to read. i would rather see ads than contribute, so drip over patreon, please. if ur asking.

  • happy almost nearly birthday, book human. Also, an AB script sounds muy tasty – cannot wait for more news on that 😮

  • Have you considered setting up one of those things (Givealittle here in NZ, probably other sites elsewhere) where people can drop a coin/fat wad of notes in your digital cap, should the mood take them?
    I have a Givealittle page as a way to distribute my ebook without getting hassle for it being Creative Commons (or losing the profits to bank fees in an int’l transaction), and to my surprise I’ve received way more per ebook than I would have sold them for ordinarily.
    There’s the page on Givealittle, and there’s also a panel with a donation button (always have a big friendly button…) which sits on my Works page alongside the book info, so people don’t need to be hunting from site to site for a way to chip in for my electricity bill – or my ink habit.

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