Macro Monday Cares Little For Your Human Concept Of “Spring”

I mean, seriously, Spring, get it together. Yes, sure, you’re thinking, “But Chuck, that’s an image of some nice new growth, and a pretty pretty waterdrop,” and you’d be correct. But the only reason that droplet is so nicely formed is because only an hour before it was fucking frozen because Spring has been hanging out with Winter and learning all the wrong lessons. Now they’re dressing alike and listening to the same music and ugh.


So! What’s up?

I’ll tell you what’s up here — we had a great signing at the Doylestown Bookshop where Kevin launched Scourged and Fran Wilde and I were there as happy cheerleaders, shepherding his new book into the world. (Plus we signed some books too. And drank some whiskey? Shhh.)

Here’s how much I love you — have some photos.

That last picture, by the way, is what you see before you die.

It was a glorious event. There was booze and books and like, 150+ people, and then there were lampchop lollipops and also gin and — well, it was great, and if you weren’t there, then SHAME ON YOUR HOUSE.

So, umm, what else?

I have SECRET NEWS I can’t yet share — I’m told maybe later this month? It involves comics and other things that are awesome. I should also have a cover for WANDERERS here in the next month or two? And VULTURES, too. Otherwise, a reminder that next up I’m at Ravencon (Apr 20-22, my birthday weekend, woo), and then Phoenix Comic Fest at the end of May.

A casual reminder that you can find me on Instagram these days, too, and lately I’ve been posting photos over there FROM MY YOUTH, so if you want to see me as a beardless, cherub-cheeked life-n00b, you can go there and check it out.

That’s all, folks.

*fades to nothing, all that’s left is a robe*

*the robe blows away*

*the robe is blown into traffic where it obscures the windshield of a tractor trailer*

*36-car pileup ensues*


  • In WI: Spring is the proverbial watched pot you realize isn’t heating because you left the burner off – and then, the minute you turn it back on – is inexplicably covered in snow.

  • Was really good to meet you, thanks for signing my books and the bones poster from life debt. I sent you a message on facebook with the photos and tried to tag you. Hope to chat in the future about exactly how you pictured Fett’s armor post sarlaac digestion/sail barge explosion. Would love to try and physically make that armor and helmet as you envision it straight from your book. Enjoy the Mandalorian Mercs/Mav Oya’la PA clan swag patch. The invite is always open to come build your own set of mandalorian armor too, we have armor parties all the time locally 🙂 -Alex from North Wales/Montgomeryville

  • Spring finally seems to have sprung here at last in the UK; daffodils finally flowered, only for some lowlife daffodil-eating creature to eat Every. Single. Yellow. Bit.

    I now have a host of green stalks instead of ‘a host of golden daffodils’. *sigh* Roll on summer.

  • It’s still currently winter in my small sector of western pennsylvania. I got all too hopeful the other day when satan’s golden shits sprouted across my lawn, only for them to be frozen and dead the next morning. Dammit.

  • Down here it’s well and truly autumn, with the first real southerly blowing off Antarctica. (Better go get some more firewood in.) OK, we don’t have cold here like you have cold, but you can’t beat us at chill winds with endless grey rain. #yaywellington

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